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Matt Jacobson Interviews Pete Best

When you come to Mathew Street, in general, or today for the unveiling of the mural, it must evoke so many memories. Can you put it into words?

There’s so much history in Mathew Street with the Beatles. And to me, it’s a trip down memory lane every time I come down here. And with something like this, which is family orientated, it’s absolutely incredible. And to see the mural, it’s incredible……it really is.

In terms of the history of the Beatles and your history and your story. Does it feel like yesterday this all began?

I don’t reflect on it being yesterday as such. At my age you think of today and tomorrow, rather than looking back over your shoulder. But I do look back with fond affection, regardless of what happened, those short years. We had some great times. And we achieved so much in that two years. It’s a great story.

For me Pete, if I’d have been in The Beatles for one minute, I’d have cried for the rest of life, I would tell the world it too, non-stop!

(Laughs) – Great days…..

In terms of the memorabilia on display here, what is your favourite item on display?

Oh my goodness me, that’s a tough one!! You are trying to get me to pick an item out of 500 pieces.


Anything sentimental items, even at home?

I think, well, what I have at home, is my pride and joy. I still have my old leather jacket…..

Really – Do you still try the jacket on?

No, I can’t fit into it these days! It shows how thin we were! But it brings back the memories….
Of how cool you all were!?

Ha ha, yeah maybe, that’s another way of looking at it. But I will keep it at home. It’s too personal. I’ve slept in it, drank in it…

Where is it at home, in a frame, on display?

No it’s just hanging up in my wardrobe! 

I’d like to ask you Pete, as part of my series, “On the Streets I Ran”, I ask all artists, creatives, can you name three Liverpool Streets that mean the most to you and why?

Well, there happens to be one called Pete Best Drive, for obvious reasons!

Kasbah Close, for the Kasbah which is in the same complex, just around the corner. And Haymans Green for similar reasons, those three places mean the most to me.

And I thank the people of Liverpool for everything. I really do.

Well on behalf of myself and Explore Liverpool –  I/we thank you! 

Thank you, thanks so much …..

Photo credit: Michelle Marshall

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