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Matthew Jacobson interviews singer, songwriter Chloe Noone

Explore Liverpool music writer Matthew Jacobson interviews 20-year-old singer/songwriter and Tik Tok creator, Chloe Noone ahead of the release of her second single ‘No Wings’ following viral YUNGBLUD collaboration.

Following her viral collaboration with global pop punk sensation YUNGBLUD, Liverpool-based singer-songwriter and Tik Tok creator Chloe Noone has announced she will release her second single ‘No Wings’ on Wednesday 9th February.

The then 19-year-old was handpicked by YUNGBLUD last year through a duet competition that he launched on his Tik Tok account. He was so impressed with Chloe’s feminist take on his 2019 hit ‘Parents’, he invited the young singer to work with him on a re-release of the track at Parr Street Studios in Liverpool in March 2021.

Since then, Chloe has gone on to release her debut single, the pop inspired ‘Call Me When You’re Sober’, which was released in November of last year and has now released her follow up single ‘No Wings’.

‘No Wings’ is a soulful and personal track about betrayal, heartbreak and acceptance and discovering a side of someone close to you that was previously hidden.

Recently , I interviewed Chloe about the early years and the writing process

The early years, was the family home a musical home? 

I mean we weren’t exactly the von Trapp family but we enjoyed music. My dad has always been great and my sister and I, like many kids took a liking to musical theatre when we were young. 

When did you pick up your first instrument and begin to play? 

I am not that great at playing an instrument. I’d like to get better. My dad bought me a toy pink guitar when I was 7 but I didn’t really play it. I just strutted around pretending I was Miley Cyrus. When I was in secondary school I had a few guitar lessons but could only just about play Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran. It wasn’t untill the last couple years I actually started using my guitar. My voice is my instrument really. However, I do want to get better at guitar. 

Did you attend any gigs and did you recall any that stand out? 

There’s been a few recently. I saw Gen and the Degenerates at Jimmy’s in town and I thought they were really exciting. Paul O’Keefe is a friend of mine and I really enjoyed his set at The Kazimier stockroom last month. When I first started my job in a bar I remember really enjoying Steve Pilgrim and his songs. I want to see more artists this year. 

Your influences; can you name them and what it is about them that influence you? 

Many artists inspire me in many ways, even ones I don’t necessarily listen to. However I’m a huge fan of Dermot Kennedy, I think he inspires me because I’d love to make people feel the way he makes me feel when I listen to him. 

Are you always thinking about writing or do you stop and say It’s time to record?

A little bit of both. I keep notes in my phone of lyrics or phrases that come to mind when I’m not writing and I’ll jot them down to help me when I decide to start writing. But yea, 99% of the time I’ll sit down with no idea on what to write but will just play around until I get something I like and can use. 

Did lockdown halt creativity or create time to be creative?

Yeah in a sense. I’m terrible at procrastinating so I definitely did a lot of that in lockdown when I should have been writing. I’d just got out of college and I didn’t think I’d be able to do it on my own as I didn’t really believe in myself or what I had in mind. I wrote songs for my Mum and Nan for their birthdays during the lockdown which was fun and then started writing a little bit and posting on my music account to take that first step. 

The collaboration with yungblud- how did you reflect on that period? 

It was insane. I still can’t believe that happened to me. I was so stunned and shocked and blessed that this opportunity presented itself because I was so torn between what I was going to do with my music and my future. This helped me realise what I want. 

The new single , “No Wings” explores themes of deception, closure and acceptance – is this from real and personal experience and did it help to externalise these feelings?

Yes it is. I started writing the song off a picture I saw then drew from my own personal experiences to develop the song. 

How would you describe being on stage? 

Terrifying. The imposter syndrome is at its peak when I’m on stage. I’m so scared of messing up, misleading people or letting them down. Pretty much every live show I’ve done (mostly in college) I’ve hated. I always came off stage angry at myself after because I thought I wasn’t good enough. I hope when I start gigging and singing my own material, I’ll enjoy it more and those feelings will go away!

What’s next for you? 

I have a gig in the Kazimier Stockroom 17/4/22 and then after that it’s just more writing, recording and more shows!

Thank you and very best wishes


Matt jacobson

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