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Meet Liverpool Food Network and Lark Lane’s newest market trader Root2Ginger

Meet Deanne – the founder of exciting new drinks company Root2Ginger. Deanne spends her days making concentrated drinks using premium organic products including cold pressed Peruvian ginger root, raw cane sugar, lemon juice, fresh limes and spices.

She doesn’t use any artificial colours, additives or flavourings, and the high ginger root content in her drinks makes them unique.

Deanne’s family originates from the Caribbean and this fiery drink was originally made as a treat during festive holidays and special occasions using ginger, cane sugar and lemons. Soon, every weekend became a special occasion and family, friends and their friends began to ask Deanne for more and more.


Meet Liverpool Food Network and Lark Lane's newest market trader Root2Ginger


“On our journey one of the most enjoyable experiences we have is listening to the childhood memories. Customers from many cultures share stories of their mother, grandmother and aunty, growing a ginger plant, making ginger beer on summer days or ginger tea for their colds. We hear the words ‘We thought ginger was something only we used!’ quite a lot! When people taste our drinks, they realise how authentic they are, they remember the taste of their childhood and in that moment we laugh together and we are connected. It just makes us so proud of our heritage.”

Deanne is delighted to discover that a whole new generation are again appreciating the health benefits of ginger, drinking ginger shots, and enjoying the fire of ginger as a soft drink, tea, or cocktail mixer.

“Ginger has been used medicinally and enjoyed for pleasure by many cultures around the world for hundreds of years. Our drinks are simply made from heritage, from recipes developed over generations of trial and error, instinct and passion, memory, and taste as nothing was written down.   We remember the original cold pressing of ginger by hand and watched other generations grating basins of ginger for hours and straining juice through muslin.”

Deanne has recently worked to create a brand new product with Cloudwater Brewing Co, and her ginger features in their Blueberry, Pear & Ginger Cloudwater Soda. The drink launched on International Women’s Day, and 50% of the profits will go to the charity Endometriosis UK. 

“We have watched generations of women in our family make their versions of ginger beer and ginger drinks. We brought all that heritage with us into Root2Ginger and we’ll continue to build on it.”

Deanne became a member of Liverpool Food Network after meeting founder Louise at Altrincham Market. Deanne was keen to expand in to Liverpool, and has recently secured a spot at Lark Lane Farmer’s Market. 

“Being part of Liverpool Food Network has been great for me as a new business, I have been so inspired by the journey of others. Everyone in the network has been really welcoming and when anyone needs advice there are always solutions and offers of help. From weekly updates, posts to boost my brand, and information on scaling up my business to the hire of professional catering spaces and event information the benefits of being part of Liverpool Food Network have been endless. “

You can find Root2Ginger at Lark Lane Farmers Market on the fourth Saturday of the month, or shop their range HERE

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