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Novid Launch in Liverpool this Friday

NOVID launch their own innovative way to help open up the community, one door at a time.

During these difficult and challenging times, we are all hoping that help is on its way to help eradicate a virus that now seems to have become a part of our daily lives. However, the team behind NOVID are on hand by launching a groundbreaking way to help us take extra precautions in order to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Novid Launch in Liverpool this Friday

From midday on Friday 2nd October they will be demonstrating in Liverpool, for the first time, how their walk-through system is so effective in reducing the public’s exposure to COVID-19. The team will be based at Grand Central on Renshaw Street..

The NOVID team are proud to present their fully certified range of single and multi-person sanitisation booths which deliver a solution which is 100% biodegradable, environmentally-friendly and safe for use by the general public thanks to NOVID’s partnership with RBT, whose range of products is unsurpassed with regard to safety certification.

We are all aware and well-versed in how we can help individually. Proper hand hygiene through the use of soap and water, as well as the use of masks, together with social distancing remain important lines of defence against the virus, as well as isolating if we become concerned we have symptoms of the illness, or have been in contact with someone who has.

However, while we are waiting for a vaccine, NOVID is a CE and TUV-certified system that can be placed outside of a venue, whether it be a workplace or sporting event, where people are entering or gathering at a distance before admittance. In other words, it is a way of helping to introduce collective action, as we know that even if we employ our own individual preventative measures, preliminary information about COVID-19 suggests the virus can survive from a few hours up to a few days on surfaces. 

NOVID is a walk-through Fogging Device, designed to eliminate any prospect of COVID-19 not just on the person walking through it, but also on the clothing they are wearing, too. It takes just a few seconds to walk through, and is a timely solution as an added, extra insurance when businesses and venues really require some safety assistance, to ensure that once inside, the environment is virus-free.

The NOVID team told us:

“We are really looking forward to introducing our system to the press, in the first instance, here in Liverpool. It was first created in 2019 for a different initial use, but once COVID-19 hit, we realised that with some alterations we could deliver a walk-though sanitisation solution that could provide either a single or multi-booth installation. Once fitted at the site of choice by our expert team, they are ready to go. The light spray delivered is proven to be 99.999% effective against all enveloped viruses, including COVID-19, and also influenza and norovirus, which become increasingly common at this time of year.

Anyone who walks through will feel comfortable – there is no residue. We are excited to talk to anyone who is interested in our system, and hope our easy demonstrations will encourage those who might need us to get on board straight away.”

As we head towards winter, we are all looking for ways to protect ourselves and our families further, whilst also extending that protection to local businesses and services. The NOVID system is providing a really valuable service at what is quite an anxious time in terms of public health and keeping our economy going, too. While we continue to be vigilant about safety and prevention, NOVID is providing a vital way of allowing more doors to stay open.

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