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Ode to a proud Scouser – A tribute to Matthew Jacobson

“Stay indoors” they commanded, “you cannot go out”

“You’ve got to be kidding, Ill go mad without a doubt”,

Enforced isolation, little contact, ill go batty,

Then salvation of mind arrived in the form of dear Matty.

His interviews with others closely connected to our City,

Fully appreciated locally, not nationally, such a pity.

His ability to paint mind pictures with a sentence or a word,

Lets the reader visualise the scene, letting you know how much he cares.

When Matty interviews people, I feel like Im there,

Soaking up the conversations in my invisible chair,

He gets who we are, when others don’t have a clue,

His writings, soulful, joyful, really sad sometimes too.

When the darkness descended with its virus laden skies,

I kept contact with the city and people through Mattys words, Mattys eyes,

Forever priotorising City and Citizen, one of Mattys journalistic goals

 He  narrates and writes with such passion, uplifting many souls.

I read Mattys articles which lift MY mind and soothe MY heart,

His breathtaking use of words, built up part by part,

His perception of Liverpool life, I absorb with every sinew,

Keep writing and interviewing Matty, please long may it continue.

Hazel Williams, former Lord Mayor of Liverpool


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