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One Stop Bar Hop take you on a virtual pub crawl

Missing your weekend socialising at your favourite independent bars? Well fear not as One Stop Bar Hop are bringing cocktails and live streams to get you through lockdown!

Brought to you by Brian Connor, General Manager of Motel Bar and John Gilchrist of The Industry Consultants, One Stop Bar Hop are bringing that taste of an amazing Liverpool night out to the comfort of your own home.

Each week, One Stop Bar Hop team up with 5 different local independent bars who are unable to trade right now, to help each bar provide 2 of their house cocktails for people to choose from.

One Stop Bar Hop take you on a virtual pub crawl

A weekly menu is released every Monday, with people having the opportunity till Thursday midday to place their order via Instagram @onestopbarhop by messaging the team.

One Stop Bar Hop add in the choice of a gin and tonic or beer of the week and throw lots of extra goodies into the packs for people such as glow sticks and snacks.

There are several optional extras such as classic cocktails and beer/hooch pong kits to add on to help you enjoy your evening. A single pack is priced at £35.00, or a double is £65.00, with many people buying the packs as birthday/anniversary presents.

Customers have also been hosting family quiz nights who regularly order along with cancelled stag/hen parties also. 

Once people have ordered from One Stop Bar Hop by Thursday midday, the team send the bars their cocktails to make and pick them up a few hours later for the team to put all the deliveries together.

On Friday once customers receive their packs on their doorsteps, customers are encouraged to put them in the fridge and then tune in for the live stream at 8pm!

Working with local DJ Luke Anthony of No-Wave, Luke plays a set from his house with music and visuals from each venue on the screen over a couple of hours. After every 45 mins or so the music and venue changes when they hop to another bar as part of the virtual bar crawl!

The cocktails are all pre-made, so all people have to do is serve it in a glass per instructions on the bottle with the garnish provided. 

There is also a live chat on the stream https://m.twitch.tv/onestopbarhoplive/profile so people can interact with each other on the bar hop. Alternatively, people are joining zoom calls with their friends or families while they enjoy the drinks and music that One Stop Bar Hop have provided. 

With the bars changing each week, the team like to keep it fresh so bars can showcase their house cocktails to people and get them trying their signature drinks instead of the same old beer or wine people might be bored of. 

For further information and to place orders follow @onestopbarhop

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