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‘Post Night Pictures’ – is set to release his debut single ‘Get Down’ collaborating with Mason Owens

Multi-instrumentalist and visual artist, Daniel Coughlin – AKA ‘Post Night Pictures’ – is set to release his debut single ‘Get Down’, on Liverpool’s indie high rising label, Nifty Records.

Written and performed by the Liverpool-based musician, photographer and filmmaker, the single offers a fresh take on themes of love, loss, regret and friendship. Joining Coughlin on the track is fellow Merseyside artist, Mason Owens who co-wrote and provides guitar on the track.

Get Down was conceived by Coughlin and Owens during a jam in Coughlin’s home studio.

“I’d say this track is mainly about a lack of commitment. It perfectly captures the moment of not wanting things to go any further or get serious with someone,” explains Danny.

'Post Night Pictures' - is set to release his debut single 'Get Down' collaborating with Mason Owens

“A lot of people I think have been in situations like this where they want to take that next step with someone but they’re afraid of the outcome. This track is about taking a step back, playing it safe and not risking it.”

Encompassing music, film, performance and photography into the project, Post Night Pictures explores the connections between sound and imagery to evoke a powerful sense of nostalgia.

The stage name, Post Night Pictures, and the concept behind the project was inspired by Coughlin stumbling across a polaroid picture of himself with a group of strangers after a night out in Liverpool. Reflecting on the night and the memories captured in that image, he set out to create a concept that encapsulates the elusive emotions associated with sentimentality and nostalgia.

I don’t want Post Night Pictures to just be about music I want it to be a feeling and a platform for inspiration and change within the city,” says Coughlin.

Both music and photography capture moments in time and I think the two combined can tell a story that really sticks with people. That is what I aim to do with my art and my music.”

Blending elements of pop, R&B, soul and electronica, Coughlin has drawn on his varied influences including David Bowie, Brockhampton, HERS, Billie Eilish and Tame Impala to create Post Night Pictures. He says that these artists have given him the confidence to step outside the constraints of societal norms in his music.

There is an audience for everything,” Coughlin said. Not all music has to sound the same; it can transcend genre from song to song.

Artist like Stevie Wonder, Cat Stevens and CHIC have showed me how you can encapsulate emotions and soul in your music and reflect those feelings onto your listener and make them feel things too which I think is amazing.”

Coughlin started out in musical theatre, studying the subject at Liverpool Media Academy, however after two years he grew tired of learning lines and playing characters. Although his training enhanced his talents as a musician, singer and artist, he realised that he preferred being on stage as himself and working without the constraints of a single genre.

Coughlin continued: Ever since I was younger, I always wanted to do something creative and I never really knew what, so over the years I gave everything a try, from acting and musical theatre to music and photography.

It got to the point where I thought why do all these things have to be separate? I believe they all connect in some way to express the emotions and thoughts of the creator so if I could find a way to make my own music, use my own pictures and shoot my own films then it would be the perfect way to express myself.”

A self-confessed perfectionist, Coughlin’s music rarely left the four walls of his bedroom for the last three years, but after sharing his music with fellow musicians on Liverpool’s indie scene, he was given the encouragement he needed to release his music to the world.
His music soon got the attention of independent record label, Nifty Records, which added Coughlin to its growing roster of emerging Liverpool-based artists.

With the live music scene expecting to open up again over the coming months, Coughlin has an exciting 2021 ahead, with a number of live shows planned and a stream of singles and two EPs expected to drop in the coming year.

Danny adds: My dreams and ambitions as an artist are to write and perform songs that I feel are important and share them with the world. Hopefully, in turn, this will inspire people who listen to my songs to accomplish their own dreams and ambitions no matter what they may be.

Get Down’ by Post Night Pictures will be released 07/05/2021 on Nifty Records across all digital streaming platforms.

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