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Scousers Abroad: Joanne Johnson – Linares, Spain


In the sixth edition in our Scousers Abroad series we spoke to Joanne Johnson, 41, who now lives in Linares, a city located in the Andalusian province of Jaén, Spain.

Scousers Abroad: Joanne Johnson - Linares, Spain

What area of Liverpool are you previously from?

I’m originally from Anfield and I lived there for most of my life – literally on the doorstep of LFC!

What made you choose to move overseas and what made you choose your current location?

I moved to Spain for sentimental reasons as my boyfriend is Spanish and, after living in Liverpool with me for a year, he got a really good job in his hometown, Linares. So, after a year of a long-distance relationship, I followed him over there. Linares is a real hidden gem in Spain. It’s a small, pretty city with a mining past linked to the English and is lovely to walk around. It is well worth visiting and the tapas culture is incredible! One of the most famous bullfighters in Spain died in Linares, the ancient Ibero-Roman ruins of Cástulo are a stone’s throw away and the city even lays claim to an apparition of the Virgin Mary. The weather is always fab too. It is truly the authentic Spain and I’m definitely the only Scouse Señorita out there… so far!

How long ago did you leave Liverpool?

I moved to Linares in April 2019.

What do you miss most about the city?

I have settled in really well in Linares and adapted to the Spanish way of life, but, obviously, there are things about home that you miss. I miss the charming eccentricity of Liverpool, the buzz of the city and the food (!), although Spanish cuisine is amazing. The people of Linares are so similar to us Scousers and they’ve just accepted me as one of their own. I’ve made some great friends out here and they are such friendly, open, happy people who like a laugh – just like in Liverpool!

If you could describe Liverpool in 3 words to the people of where you live now what would they be?

When I talk to people in Linares about Liverpool, the three words that come up the most are vibrant, friendly and cosmopolitan. That is how I describe my hometown, with an immense sense of pride. A welcoming, energetic and international city. And football and the Beatles always comes up in the conversation too (!)

Would you ever move back to Liverpool?

Home is where the heart is as they say and I would never rule out moving back to the Pool. My friends and family are there and people who mean a lot to me. I do miss the vibrancy of a big city. But, Linares has a charm all of it’s own and is like a different world. A little hidden gem in Spain. And as is the case in Liverpool, the people of Linares are the city’s best asset and I’ve made friends for life here.

If you could bring a piece of Liverpool with you to your current location what would it be?

If I could bring a piece of Liverpool to Linares with me it would be the busy programme of events that are always happening around the city all year round and make the Pool such an exciting place. I am a trained samba dancer and have my own Brazilian samba group, Samba Livre, with my friend Wendy Okoli, and I do miss the events that we perform at. I try to dance every time that I am home in Liverpool. I love the Brazilica festival that happens every July and I always come home for that. I definitely need to take my samba feathers over to Linares and show them how to shake it!

Do you or someone you know who is a scouser that has moved abroad and want to feature in our Scousers Abroad series? Contact us now by emailing hello@explore-liverpool.com or get us on WhatsApp on 07568 532 537

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