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Scousers Abroad: Leigh-Anne Brennan – Dubai


In the third edition in our Scousers Abroad series we spoke to Leigh-Anne Brennan, aged 23, who is now living in Dubai, a city and emirate in the United Arab Emirates, after moving there from Liverpool.

Scousers Abroad: Leigh-Anne Brennan – Dubai

What area of Liverpool are you previously from?

I’ve always been a kirkby girl! 

What made you choose to move overseas and what made you choose your current location?

I’d always considered moving abroad as I love travelling, but never acted on it. I applied for loads of different jobs all over the world and was randomly contacted about 4 months after applying – was offered a job and 4 days later I was on a plane to Dubai! I’d always favoured the idea of Dubai over other places that I’d applied to because of the difference in lifestyle it offers. 

How long ago did you leave Liverpool?

1.5 years ago. (January 2019) 

What do you miss most about the city?

I miss meeting my mates in Shenanigans Irish Pub, seeing them same regular customers and having a laugh with some baby Guinness’. 

If you could describe Liverpool in 3 words to the people of where you live now what would they be?

Home, humble, laughter. 

Would you ever move back to Liverpool?

I will move back to Liverpool, nowhere in the world will beat it. But it’s nice to come away so that you can appreciate it that bit more. 

If you could bring a piece of Liverpool with you to your current location what would it be?

I would bring the heart of the people of Liverpool. Dubai shopping / eating out doesn’t have the same vibe. Everybody at home is so friendly and welcoming.

Do you or someone you know who is a scouser that has moved abroad and want to feature in our Scousers Abroad series? Contact us now by emailing hello@explore-liverpool.com or get us on WhatsApp on 07568 532 537

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