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Taking Allergy Sufferers Seriously: Popular Local Restaurant Chain ‘Maray’ Onboards Menu

Popular Liverpool restaurant Maray has partnered with Menu Guru, a handheld digital menu for restaurants making it safer and easier for people with food allergies to eat out. The partnership aims to reduce the risk of miscommunication between the customer and kitchen, empowering allergy sufferers to dine out with confidence and enjoy a safe dining experience.

Menu Guru and Maray collaborated in response to the increased number of allergy-related incidents in food outlets around the UK. The app is helping restaurants better serve to allergies by enabling their customers’ to filter the menu to include their unique allergy requirements, no matter how complex, and then only showing them exactly which meals they can enjoy.

The app serves as two functions. Firstly Menu Guru is helping restaurants to deliver a safer dining experience to allergy sufferers through technology, instead of relying on verbal communication between the server and the customer in an industry with high turnover. Secondly, customers can eat out with confidence as they are able to take full control of their meal, with the knowledge that their allergies have been successfully recorded. The app is also helping restaurants cater to the growing vegan/vegetarian market, showing customer ready-available veggie dishes but also with Menu Guru’s easy substitute function, turn ordinary dishes into vegan-friendly meals.

Sunil Mistry, the founder of Menu Guru, said: “With over 3 million people in the UK suffering from food allergies, restaurants need to step up and start serving a very unsatisfied, but extremely motivated and vocal segment of the market”

He adds: “As an allergy sufferer myself, I have frequently struggled with finding somewhere to eat and often missed out on special occasions because I didn’t know where was safe. I want to help people with allergies lead normal lives rather than being constantly restricted. Working with the amazing people at Maray we have been able to develop our product to work alongside restaurants ways of working, creating an app of real value not only for them but their customers as well.”

It’s no secret that restaurants and cafes across the nation have encountered major issues handling food safely. With this in mind, the new startup hopes to help restaurants begin building trust with customers who have previously had bad experiences eating out with allergies.

Thomas White, Co-Founder & Director of Maray, said: “We’ve had great success trialling Menu Guru at Maray! It’s so important to cater for allergy-affected guests and there’s a lack of support on offer to help restaurants improve their service.”

He adds: “Since working with the team at Menu Guru, we’ve found it much easier to serve this market. Our staff are confident that they’re providing the right information and our guests have peace of mind when choosing their order and feel valued when presented with the app. Overall, it’s improving our guests’ experience and building brand loyalty.”

Following the success in Maray, the app is already live in other venues across Liverpool including Heritage on Castle Street and coming soon to Free State Kitchen.

Further information about Menu Guru or If you’re interested in a free trial on your premises, head to: www.menuguru.co.uk

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