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Taxi board game – The Popular Trivia Board Game

No family home is complete without an extensive range of board games, and nothing says Christmas more than a good game to bring family and friends together.

With board games growing in popularity in recent months, everyone is looking for the next great buy and what better than a game based around your beloved city!

Testing your knowledge of Liverpool, the Liverpool Taxi! Board Game is based on the working life of a taxi driver, with each player travelling around the board picking up passengers along the way, while receiving a ‘tip’ based on their ability to answer trivia questions about the city or general knowledge.            

The more tips a player collects, the more money they earn. There are also opportunities throughout the game to ‘sound off’ like a cabbie, where players are given a subject to talk about for a 30 second period with six key words that you must identify, the more included, the more you can earn.

Boasting 600 local and general knowledge questions and players deciding the duration of their taxi driver shift, the person with the most money at the end of the shift is the winner.

Bursting full of useful facts and general knowledge about our much-loved city, the game is not only entertaining, its sure to make the knowledge about Liverpool stick with you long after the game is put back in the box!

Driving a shift in a taxi is a combination of luck and knowledge turn left you may get a £5 fare, turn right and you could get a £40 tour. With ‘Give or Take’ squares on the board, will you keep the card for yourself or pass it on to a fellow player?

Liverpool Taxi! Board Game is a fresh fun game for all the family to enjoy and is the ideal game to purchase, even more so with the current offer of 10% discount plus FREE p&p to anyone who purchases via www.taxiboardgame.co.uk using code EXP10.

Think you have the knowledge of the city to gain the most tips at the end of your shift? Then add Liverpool Taxi! Board Game to your basket and let the games commence!

For further information and to purchase please visit www.taxiboardgame.co.uk

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