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Tears, bevs and pure joy; Liverpool are bloody Premier League Champions

The term ‘football is more than just a game’ is one that gets thrown about, and is one that football fans have to defend because many people just think oh shut up and grow up. Last night for myself and millions of Liverpool fans around the globe it was confirmed more than ever.

I could easily write around a thousand words on the best moments of the season or each moment that made us believe it was going to happen but those goals, wins and season defining moments will be replayed for the rest of time. What will not be replayed is the impulse unique things you and I decided to do once it was confirmed.

Let me take you back to kick off at Stamford Bridge as Chelsea and Manchester City prepared for battle. No Liverpool fans had given Lampard’s Chelsea a chance in hell including myself as after a brilliant day in the sun in the hottest day of the year we all wanted to relax. Then they nearly scored from a corner and I was up on my feet for the whole game.

Screaming, shouting, swearing at the TV for a game that I had not given a second thought all day. But it hit. It hit everyone that this could actually be that moment. That final whistle went, and I can tell you now not one Liverpool fan knew what they were exactly going to do or were they was going to end up.

Tears, bevs and pure joy; Liverpool are bloody Premier League Champions

Everyone has their unique way of celebrating things and how did we celebrate across the city. Running from my Dads house to my Mums then to my Nans house. All staunch Everton fans and all absolutely gutted but also made up for me. That will have been the case for many. Family being made up just for you and me to celebrate something with such emotion and passion. That is why the term ‘football is more than just a game’ hit home for me and many others. In this city, it is everything.

That was only at eleven o’clock. Running through the streets trying to find your mates and everyone driving past honking their horns screaming out their car windows. Complete strangers all brought together because one tall handsome bloke by the name of Jurgen Norbert Klopp has done a job no other would have been able to do.

When you eventually find your mates running like mad men in the streets it is followed by a roar of joy, a hug that meant everything and a tear that will last a lifetime. It will have been like that for every Liverpudlian. You will have pictured it thousands of times inside your head. But you will have never imagined it so good, so joyous, so emotional.

Tears, bevs and pure joy; Liverpool are bloody Premier League Champions

Fans were outside Anfield, out in the streets, in their gardens. Or they were running round to their mate’s houses to have a few bevvies. Drinking it in. Both the alcohol and the title win. Yes, the Premier League title win. In case you had forgotten.

Five hours later. A bottle of whisky down. You have a replica Premier League title in your hand that your best mates Dad got from China and you are pretending to be Jordan Henderson. Its 5am and you are in the back garden with two mates you have known since you were four years old. Gin in hand. Twenty-inch pizza on its way for breakfast. Mentally stupid. That was my experience. It was unique.

Everyone will have their tale to tell. Young or old you go and ask every single Liverpool supporter what their experience was. Each story will have something different about it. It would have been one of the best moments of their life. If not the best. And something unique will stand out forever.

Just when you think it could not have been any better you see all the players, coaching staff, and Klopp partying like a group of mates with no care in the world. It hits you that they are the same as us. They wanted it as much as us they celebrated it as much as us. They and us becomes we. The supporters are at one with the players and the players are at one with us. Unity and togetherness. Liverpool as a city is built on it. This squad thrives off it.

One of the highlights was just how overwhelmed Jurgen Klopp was. This club has again shocked him in ways he never imagined. As he was throwing his dance moves around the gaff last night, he must of went back to 2015 and thought that it was one of the best decisions he has ever made. Every player will be thinking the same thing about joining Liverpool. They are legends forever.

Tears, bevs and pure joy; Liverpool are bloody Premier League Champions

Today Klopp said that ‘I love the scouse soul’ and its because he always had it deep down. He is an absolute scouser. The reason why the rest of the country are worried at this title win is because they know that every season has been such a jump in quality due to that man.

Klopp is here for 3 more years and at this point it would not be a surprise if he extends that contract. He has not stopped here, and he will forever be wanting more for Liverpool football club. He is without doubt one of the greatest managers this club will ever see. In a 100 years’ time people will watch videos of him and think wow. Because that is what every supporter thinks every time he opens his mouth. Just wow how lucky are we. He has been perfect. Just like this whole title win.

So, with now seven games left there is records to break and why not. It is a reason to have a party every game. Because Liverpool are Premier League Champions. Look at the league table. See the C next to Liverpool. Stands for Champions. Because that is what we are. Not just the players. Not just the coaching staff. Not just the manager. We are Champions.

Get another drink. Watch another video of The Reds. Have a cry. Repeat. For now, we party. Take it all in because the mighty Liverpool are back on their perch and now only God knows what Jurgen’s tricky Reds have got in store for us.

Written by Elliot Thompson

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