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The Brick donates bikes to Everton in the Community

Charitable organisation focused on alleviating poverty The Brick has strengthened its existing partnership with Everton in the Community by contributing 10 previously owned children’s bicycles to the Club’s official charity as a part of their social enterprise sector, ‘Brick Reuse’.

The Brick Reuse project includes a bike retail and maintenance enterprise called ‘Gearing Up’. This company accepts bicycles donated by the public, refurbishes and fully services them, and then redistributes them to social organisations, bikeability workshops, local schools, and charities like Everton in the Community.

As part of its ongoing support for Everton in the Community, The Brick will generously donate bicycles to students aged five to nine from Gwladys Street Primary and Nursery School and Arnot St. Mary Church of England Primary School.

Ryan O’Hanlon, Blue Family Coordinator at Everton in the Community said:

“We’re so lucky to receive these bikes from the team at The Brick, which will be gifted to children in the local area. There’s a lot of families within the Liverpool 4 community that ordinarily wouldn’t have been able to afford or have access to bikes, so it’s fantastic to see them being given a second lease of life and put to good use.”

Gordon MacDonald, Reuse Manager at The Brick commented:

“We predominantly deliver solutions to address homelessness and poverty, with our work split into several different projects. Under Brick Reuse we support a number of charities and organisations across the North West with bike supplies through Gearing Up, which is all about making cycling accessible and affordable for all. Brand-new bikes can be expensive, so we’re delighted to build on our partnership with Everton in the Community by donating these pre-loved children’s bicycles to them for local kids within the area.”

In addition, Gearing Up offers bike service workshops, bike maintenance courses, cycling initiatives that are accessible without charge, and reasonably priced bicycles. All proceeds are then contributed to The Brick. Brick Reuse’s objective is to redirect unwanted, high-quality goods, such as bicycles, away from landfills and towards vulnerable families and individuals, thereby enhancing living conditions and fostering community welfare.

Since spring, The Brick has collaborated with the charity to support its Blue Base Pantry. This member-led initiative aims to address poverty comprehensively by offering discounted food and essential services. The Brick contributes surplus goods, such as household items and toiletries, through their distribution project called ‘Brick by Brick’.

The pantry regularly receives substantial donations of products from The Brick, which would have otherwise been discarded or recycled. These donations are contributed by prominent organisations such as Unilever, Proctor and Gamble, and Amazon.

Commenting on The Brick’s support for the Blue Base Pantry to date, Ryan added:

“It’s great that these surplus products are being used and not going to landfill. This partnership has been a great addition to the Pantry’s offering, and we’ve found that providing personal care products and toiletries is just as important as giving access to discounted food, especially in areas like Liverpool 4 – which is one of the most socially deprived wards in the UK.”


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