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The greatest weekend in Liverpool’s calendar was back with a wonderful spectacle

The early start. The smart suits. The dazzling dresses. The flamboyant hats. The tingling atmosphere. The never-ending drinks. The strategic or not so strategic betting. The glorious live music. The immaculate vibes.

All made possible by the perfect people.

The perfect people that were back at Aintree after two long years of the racecourse being deserted by fans, everyone was back.

The NHS day, Ladies day and the day of one of the most famous races in the world.

It all goes into one fabulous weekend which you don’t want to end as all you want to do is carry on watching the magnificent beautiful horses gallop on with their amazingly talented jockeys backing them all the way.

Siru Du Bertais winning the 15:35 race

On the big Grand National day it was an early start as it would have been for everyone, we all had the same idea; to enjoy the day as best as possible.

Every single person attending the races whether it was the first time or whether it was for the umpteenth time looked at themselves before leaving and were buzzing with how snazzy they looked, it was a few days for looking good and feeling fine.

As the crowds walkded in there was a buzz in the air, everyone was ecstatic to finally be back here and for quite a few it was their first time entering the festival like atmosphere.

It made you feel proud to be from Liverpool as this city knows how to put on a party and that is exactly what they did throughout the days the races were on.

The build-up to the main event was fantastic as you would be discussing who you had on for race and how many horses you had backed with the anticipation getting the better of you with an hour to go.

Then the big one got underway.

The race the whole country was waiting for.

The Grand National beginning

And what a story we had the pleasure of unfolding in front of our very eyes as well.

Due to how fantastic the event always is when Aintree is full to the brim the sporting aspect can possibly get overlooked by some but it was impossible this time as it was jockey Sam Waley-Cohen’s last race.

A cliché but it was the definition of a fairy-tale ending.

It was the first time a horse of the age of seven had won since Bogskar in 1940.

Noble Yeats who had been trained in Ireland by Emma Mullins had all the glory.

Noble Yeats and Any Second Now racing to the line

At 50/1 not many dared to back Noble Yeats and it was easy to tell due to the deflated atmosphere of some of the crowd as their bets hadn’t came in.

However that quickly changed back to the party atmosphere again as well this is Liverpool.

On the walk out everyone was laughing, buzzing or holding a pair of heels with the night only just starting.

The queue to get on the train to town was the slowest longest funniest conga in the world with the DJ playing classics to get everyone in the mood.

Getting off the train every single person disappeared into the city centre to let the night take them away.

And how does it take you away in this wonderful city.

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