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The Sunday Supper Project supports Liverpool’s homeless people

The Sunday Supper Project is a homeless outreach group providing food, essentials and support every week to the many homeless people on the streets of Liverpool.

Michelle caught up with one of their volunteers, Corinne, ahead of a big event that took place on 29th February in the city centre.

The Sunday Supper Project supports Liverpool's homeless people
The Sunday Supper Project supports Liverpool's homeless people

Hi Corinne, tell us a bit about your group?

We’re the Sunday Supper Project, ironically we go out on Wednesdays, but I promise we did start off by doing Sundays! We’re a homeless outreach group and we provide hot food and essential items such as quilts, clothes and toiletries to our street homeless and those that are struggling financially.

I guess the ‘Wednesday Supper Group’ wouldn’t have the same ring to it! How did your group start?

The group was started in 2019 by Jess, one day she made too much food in her Uni halls and ran downstairs to give it to a homeless man outside her flat. This started to become a regular thing, so she decided to dedicate a day where she fed the homeless. Once she got friends and family involved, the group began to evolve and now we’re a massive team!

It’s amazing how things can start so small and just grow! What do you love about being part of the group?

It may sound cringy, but we are truly one big family! We see each other every week and have built bonds with our community. We have seen people go from street homeless to settling into accommodation, and it’s amazing that they still come back for a cuppa and a catch up with us. I think moments like these speak volumes of the relationships we have with people and to me, it’s a special thing to be a part of.

You are running a big event on Thursday 29th February – ‘The Weatherspoons Event’ – how did this come about?

We were contacted by another group called Mr Old Hall Street, they saw the event on Facebook and decided to get all our outreach teams involved. It’s called ‘the game’ whereby people post a pub they are at on Facebook and other people use the app to buy a meal. However, we will be requesting takeaway meals to then hand out to our homeless.

The Sunday Supper Project supports Liverpool's homeless people

That’s a brilliant idea! What’s the aim of the event?

Well, our main aim is to achieve handing out 300 meals. Whatever isn’t used on the night will be handed out to all our local homeless teams to make sure they get passed around. It’s about bringing our community together and supporting those who need it the most.

It’s amazing to hear that there are so many teams involved, have you held events together before?

This is the first time we will be out together and I’m so excited! We have been recently making more of an effort to work together, and I’ve met some amazing people who do the same work we do, Brian, Guy, Kev, honestly I could name so many! It’s great as we can now message each other when we can’t make a donation pick up, that way the items still get distributed to our community.

It’s brilliant that you’re all working together! How can people get involved?

We have an Amazon Wish List on our Instagram page that allows people to pick items they wish to donate. You can also get in touch via messenger if you wish to donate things privately. However, we know times are tough for a lot of people, so simply sharing our work or coming out to offer a helping hand really goes a long way.

Thank you so much Corinne, you are all doing an amazing job and it’s been lovely chatting to you.


You can catch the Sunday Supper project every Wednesday night from 7pm at the top of Church Street.

Please follow their Instagram page @sundaysupperproject and help if you can.


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