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Zoomies Zone Liverpool’s dog adventure park expands

Zoomies Zone, the largest dog adventure park in Liverpool, is growing with two more fields following its tremendous first year success. Originally intended to provide dog owners with a fun, secure area for their dogs to run free, the private hire dog park in Halewood has grown so popular that it must be expanded.

The current two-acre space features a meadow, rainwater pond, stream, obstacles, toys, and things to explore. It is available for private hire 7 days a week in 30 minute or 1 hour sessions. Their dogs can play and explore without worrying about running off or having an altercation with other dogs, providing owners with peace of mind.

Zoomies Zone Liverpool's dog adventure park expands

Thousands of dogs enjoyed themselves in the South Liverpool adventure park since it opened in August 2023, with owners coming from all over to bring their furry friends. There will now be three fields, the new activity and action parks and the adventure park that is already there, owing to demand.

The common theme is that all 3 parks are blessed with mature trees, providing interest for the dogs and shade in warmer weather.  While the new activity park specifically caters to smaller dogs, the new action park will feature a variety of agility-style apparatus and obstacles for larger dogs.

Zoomies Zone Liverpool's dog adventure park expands

Owner Anne McKenna said: 

“As an owner of four dogs, I often found it difficult taking them to public spaces — even if you keep your own dogs on lead, I would often encounter other dogs off lead, many with poor recall. Poor recall and reactivity is the primary season why secure dog parks have grown considerably in popularity in recent years, but many of our customers visit just to enjoy relaxing stress free fun with their dog.”   

“We ask our customers at the booking stage to indicate their reason for booking Zoomies Zone as it is interesting to look at the figures. Other reasons given are multi dog families, owners with mobility issues, pregnant ladies and female dogs on season.”

Anne continued: 

“The idea was to create a fun, safe space where dogs can explore and run free without the stress for the owner of them running off or getting into trouble. Our Adventure Park has a 2 meter high deer style fencing around the perimeter with rabbit fencing to the lower sections and a car park for easy access — it’s been extremely popular.“

“The support of Knowsley Council planning department last year has given us the confidence to expand.  As we would like each Park to offer something different we are incorporating new ideas, such as sand pits, paddling pools, and much more!“

Since its opening a year ago, Zoomies Zone has received numerous 5-star reviews from guests who claim that walking their dogs has greatly reduced their stress. With three fields to suit any breed, size, or personality of dog in a secure setting, the expansion makes it the biggest of its kind in Liverpool.

Zoomies Zone Liverpool's dog adventure park expands

One customer recently said: 

“This is a great place to have a fun time with your dogs! Whether you have a nervous, reactive or just a fun loving dog, this is ideal! There is a combination of field, woodland and even a giant puddle the dogs can play in. There’s even some seating for the humans to have a rest whilst the dogs go and explore. Highly recommend this place as do my two dogs!”

Another said: 

“Our 5 huskies had a wonderful time at Zoomies Zone Liverpool, the park is a lovely spacious area with plenty of trees for shade and lovely thought out seating areas, it is fabulous to have these facilities available especially for dogs who cannot be let off the lead in public spaces. Thank you Zoomies Zone, we will be back.”

For more information or to book a session, you can head to the website.


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