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Green Bell Packaging launch ground-breaking mailing bags using new plastic-free technology

Green Bell Packaging has launched the UK’s first mailing bags using new plastic-free technology.

The leading plastic-free packaging solution provider launched the ground-breaking mailing bags that use unique state-of-the-art technology to replicate the look, feel and durability of regular plastic.

The innovative product, which is the first of its kind on the market in the UK, has been created using a 100% plastic-free polymer compound, manufactured from renewable natural materials and vegetable oil derivatives to provide all the benefits of plastic while being sustainable. The bag is designed to degrade naturally, providing businesses and retailers with an eco-safe solution to help combat the increasing concerns around plastic waste.

With headquarters in Liverpool and London and with clients from across the globe, Green Bell Packaging plans to add to its already extensive product portfolio after the success of its BioBags, which launched in 2019.

Founder of Green Bell Packaging M Vahid Nagori said:

“We are really excited to be able to launch our plastic-free mailing bags after a lot of research and development into this new technology, which is similar in composition to our best-selling BioBags; a plastic-free solution to regular plastic bags. After such success with this particular product, we were keen to develop our range and identified a gap in the market when it came to mailing bags. With online retailing and e-commerce experiencing a huge boom in recent months, comes an increased use in plastic bags to deliver goods through the post.

“Our 100% plastic-free mailing bags have undergone lengthy and thorough testing to meet the high standards expected by customers today, so we’re incredibly confident in bringing this product to the market and believe that we can make a real difference to both organisations and their customers when it comes to shopping experience. Similar to our BioBags, the technology used in the development of these bags has been approved by a number of regulatory bodies across the globe as well as passing for zero plastic content by the Low Carbon Eco Innovatory of Liverpool John Moores University.”

Alongside its BioBags, Green Bell Packaging offers a range of sustainable packaging alternatives for industries including education, hospitality, events, pharmaceutical and third sector to name a few. The company also recently introduced a catalogue of food packaging options, including plastic-free straws.

Production Head at Green Bell Packaging Shradha Rungta said:

“Plastics can take thousands of years to decompose and landfills are a major contributor to environmental and aquatic issues across the globe. Green Bell Packaging has a goal to protect the world we live in with products that are designed, manufactured, and delivered with care and consideration for the planet. Our innovative new mailing bags took over a year in production to achieve the look, feel and usability that we desired. Our product differs in that it does not need an industrial facility to decompose, and instead, customers will see it begin to break down naturally in a matter of weeks.”

Vahid added:

“As well as supplying the products themselves, we can also assist with design and printing, meaning that orders can be made bespoke using things like company logo and colours to create a professional finish using safe, non-toxic inks.

“When it comes to opting for our plastic-free mailing bags, organisations and their customers can be safe in the knowledge that they are demonstrating a commitment to corporate social responsibility and are contributing to UN sustainability goals, something that should be taken seriously in 2020. It’s important to us to educate companies on sustainability and demonstrate the wealth of benefits that come with ditching plastic packaging. All of our products are high-quality and cost-effective and together with our customers, we’re contributing to a global movement. We’re proving that there are materials out there that are just as effective as plastic, which leave a much smaller footprint.”

For more information, please visit www.greenbellpackaging.com

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