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In conversation with – Loos of Liverpool

We all love a show-stopping Instagram page, something that really catches your eye! One that caught our recent attention was the quirky unique page that is Loos of Liverpool.

Capturing some of the beautiful rest rooms across the city, we caught up with the team behind the page to talk about the inspiration behind the account and all things décor!

In conversation with - Loos of Liverpool

Your account is based on the many stunning toilets within Liverpool, who are the faces behind the account and when would you say your love for décor began?

We are two best friends from Liverpool, two women working in hospitality and children’s education respectively! At the moment we are wanting to remain anonymous! 

Our love for décor… we are both extremely interested in art and interior design and always have been! We love exploring new bars and cafes and experiencing completely different décors. In our opinion, the décor of a hospitality business completely adds to your whole experience as a customer. With so much competition in the hospitality industry it is amazing to see all these different bars, cafes and restaurants create their own branding with their unique décors! We love places like The Handyman Pub on Smithdown Road because it’s so simple and laid back in there but then we also love a boujie bar like Pins Social Club on Duke Street – the whole pink theme is unreal! We really appreciate all the different décors in Liverpool’s dining and drinking sector! Especially in the loos…

When did you start the account and what would you say inspired you to create it?

We started the account in October 2019. We had gone out for lunch at the amazing Duke St Market and were just blown away by their toilets! We were talking afterwards about how stunning they were, how much we liked them and how we love other great loos in the city and then the idea to create an Instagram page solely dedicated for all the lovely loos Liverpool has on offer came to us. In the age of social media – a good bathroom in a bar or restaurant is brilliant marketing. An aesthetically pleasing toilet leads to pictures being taken in there and posted on social media = free advertising! 

We also love Liverpool’s huge independent scene. We are delighted that we have been able to use our page to promote and support so many fantastic independent businesses. We are so proud of our city and we love being able to share some of our favourite restaurants, bars, cafes etc with our followers. 

In conversation with - Loos of Liverpool

Is there one specific toilets décor you would say is your favourite within the city?

We couldn’t possibly pick an ultimate favourite! Some of our front runners however… we LOVE the bathroom at The Watering Can cafe in Greenbank Park. The sinks, the tiles, the mirrors – so wonderful! The attention to detail in their toilets really stunning. Also a really brilliant place for food, the menu is to die for. We also love love love the loos in Ghetto Golf. We were invited to their VIP re-launch a few weeks ago and were found their toilets so funny. They also have a TOILET themed hole on their course… the dream!

We obviously have to mention the toilets at Duke St Market. Where it all began… they are so stunning and so Harry Potter esque – really gorgeous toilets in a really great place. We also love the flamingos in Cafe Tabac toilets! One of our favourite bars with such cool loos. The pinkness of Baltic Market’s loos is just unreal. We love them so much! We could go on all day and name every toilet we’ve visited in Liverpool! Impossible to choose a favourite – they are all so funky and unique. 

In conversation with - Loos of Liverpool

If you got asked to design a toilet scheme for a venue in Liverpool where would it be and what décor style would you go for?

Wow the pressure! We would be honoured to have ANY establishment ask us to design their toilet of course! We would have to do something colourful with maybe some fun coloured / printed tiles. It would have to have flattering lighting and cool mirrors. Something that everyone would remember and love! The toilet would obviously have to be stunning enough to end up on our own page…

Lastly Liverpool is renowned for on a night out you’re always guaranteed to make new friends in the toilet, do you have any funny experiences yourselves to share?

Liverpool is most definitely the best place for a night out! A funny experience isn’t springing to mind but what we do LOVE is going to the toilet on a night out and having amazing chats with strangers haha. No one can boost your confidence more than a scouser in the girls toilets. We love how beautifully friendly, supportive and sassy the women that you meet in the loos in Liverpool are. That is just Liverpool all over though and one of the many reasons we love our city so much… the people. Always so friendly and truly wonderful.

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