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Liverpool vs Real Madrid; The big European night which was going so well for 20 minutes

The optimism was growing.

Four minutes in it was vindicated.

A potential moment of greatness with a flick from one of new favourites at Liverpool.

Nunez, Nunez, Nunez had got his massive goal against one of the best in the land which had been coming for so long.

Anfield, European Night, early goal.

That famous phrase comes to mind, the hallmarks of a classic.

The two wins beforehand, a bit of fluidity in attack, solidity in midfield and a defiance in defence.

Was it all coming together now?

The 13th minute.

Daniel Carvajal volleys it back to Thibaut Courtois, Liverpool’s nemesis, he takes one touch and then he gives Mo Salah a present to tap home.

The script was written, the nemesis repaying for what he had done.

Yes, it was coming together.

2-0 up against the best side in the competition, dreamland and maybe just maybe this Liverpool side were finally back.

That optimism, it carried on growing.

For 20 minutes.

Then in a flash heads dropped, confidence loosened and the authority was gone but still a lead, still something to lose.

And oh how did they lose it.

Alisson wanted to go even with Courtois so leathered the ball into Vinicius Junior for his second of the night.

Of all the times to do that, Wolves in the FA Cup was alright, not now.


An early 2-0 lead at Anfield thrown away in the first half on the European night of the season, it was unheard off.

A strong second half was needed, the trip to the Bernabeu would be far from easy to get a win so Liverpool had to take a victory to Spain, obviously.

Three minutes in Madrid had the lead after some woeful defending from a set-piece.

Then it was four.

Then it was the ole ole ole from the away fans.

Then it was embarrassing.

Five goals at Anfield on a big European night, embarrassing to say the least.

It feels like the final nail in the coffin for this Liverpool era just as soon as people wondered if they were finally on their way back.

20 minutes in, they were back.

But 20 minutes isn’t the full game and that is when their vulnerabilities shined through.

The vulnerabilities which currently have Liverpool sat in eighth place in the Premier League table, out of the League Cup, out of the FA Cup and now all but out of the Champions League.

Jurgen Klopp’s team is not a Jurgen Klopp team, anymore.

The one last hope was the famous European nights, Liverpool are all about that, that is their thing.

Six times.

One of those times was because Klopp got this side working wonders and those wonders they simply cannot do right now.

Massive changes are expected in the summer with FSG hoping for investment and that investment is paramount to any future success otherwise Liverpool will simply be left behind.

They are in danger of that happening, right now.

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