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LMA co-owner and global superstar Robbie Williams visited students in Liverpool

LMA co-owner and global superstar Robbie Williams visited Liverpool this week to get up close with the LMA students with an exclusive Q&A answering student questions and impromptu performance, tour of the Metquarter campus and even got involved in some classes with students for some extra advice and support. 

The day started with a Q&A for LMA students at the Royal Court Theatre. Over 1,000 LMA students had the opportunity to ask Robbie their question about his career, his inspirations and even his favourite karaoke song! 

Robbie encouraged the students to “Create, create, create. Us creatives are all the same, we’re not muggles, we’re magicians!” 

Other RW quotes on the day: “All the stars you look up to have been on the same journey at some point. I used to think if not me then who, so now it’s, if not you then who?” 

“There’s never been a better time to just get on and do it yourself – software, technology and platforms are there that you can do it all and get your stuff out there. Nobody is going to give it to you so go and get it.

“For me there was no left, no right, just this dead focus to do this. You won’t always feel confident but can always be brave so don’t minimise your own talent, don’t minimise what you can be. Let your obsessions be your guide and use your delusions to drive you.” 

LMA co-owner and global superstar Robbie Williams visited students in Liverpool

The Q&A ended with Robbie leading an impromptu rendition of Angels with the LMA students joining in. Robbie went on to visit the LMA Metquarter campus and got to see some of the students in action. 

Touring the acting department, dance studios, watching musical theatre performances and speaking to the film & TV students, he even shared some of his own art creations with the digital games art students, before finishing the tour with the third year BA Music students in the recording studios. 

Robbie said: “I fell in love with the LMA Choir back in the X Factor days and just had to be part of this. The talent here is incredible and I can see myself in them all. It’s amazing to see like-minded creative people in a safe space to be themselves and be what they want to be. 

“We want to support them, love them and develop them to achieve whatever it is they dream of.”

Richard Wallace, founder and co-owner said:

“We speak with Robbie on a weekly basis about the students, their performances and how we can support their development and opportunities moving forward up to and beyond graduation. 

“Coming to campus and getting hands-on in the classes and studios gives the students a great insight into the drive and commitment needed. What an inspiration knowing a global superstar has got your back! The students are already looking forward to Robbie’s next visit.” 

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