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NAVOS – A dance revolution in the making

21-year-old Ross Harrington has been making waves across the charts in recent weeks, his track ‘Believe Me’ has received 5.5 million streams across Spotify so far and is sitting nicely at number 33 in the Official Charts, we caught up with the St Helens dance music maestro better known as NAVOS.

“It’s crazy, it’s just a pincy moment every time I think about it it’s just like is this really happening”

The self-taught dance producer has gone from working in a furniture warehouse and studying at Edge Hill University, to being catapulted into the mainstream dance scene setting the tempo for 2021. 

NAVOS – A dance revolution in the making

With a love for music from an early age, NAVOS was destining to be a dominate force in Dance culture, which would later become noticeable to label Island Records.

“I have always loved music and all the instruments, so it’s always been in me.  I first started to want to make music probably when I was 14/15? I went to go and see Avicii in Manchester and it was just sort of like that’s what I want to do.” 

Inspiring the humble 21-year-old to carve out a career in music, NAVOS speaks passionately of his influential muse:

“Definitely Avicii, I just love his music, his music when I was growing up was just unbelievable and when I went to see him, I was just like straight away yep that’s it that’s what I want to do.”

Reflecting back on putting his creativity into play, he speaks of lockdown motivation and his commitment to his new career choice:

“Lockdown was one of them times that I actually had time to sit down and proper put 110% into it and give it a few hours a day. My production skills really went next level is that space period, and here we are now, like a said it’s just mad!”

From playing his first gig on Brick Street, during the start of summer when lockdown restrictions were lifted, what has been the pinnacle point in NAVOS career to date: 

“Signing for Island is probably the highlight of my career so far, for a major like that to come in for me like that is just a pinch me moment. It’s just something I would never of thought would happen. I am still now like is this actually real, is this actually happening to me.”

The label Island Records approached NAVOS management with a huge interest in signing the track ‘Believe Me’ so what can we expect for 2021?

“I just want to get out there and showcase ‘Believe Me’ and showcase my music in general and see what people’s reactions are to it.”

With the infectious track receiving over 300 national and regional radio plays in the first 3 weeks of its release, how was the club-tinged anthem made:

” I found the vocal and I actually made the first version of it in my girlfriends’ bedroom on my headphones, which doesn’t normally happen.

 “I’d normally sit down and go into my studio and proper go into it, but yer that was made on my headphones. It wasn’t a track that I thought would blow up, I put loads of effort into it, but it was just another idea. For people to appreciate it just means the world to me, for people to stream it and like it and tell me it’s a tune it’s just incredible.”

The question that everyone is intrigued by is who the newcomer would love to share decks with and where, he says:

“Definitely be MK for B2B, I’d love to do that and there’s two venues I would love to play, it would either be Mambos or Creamfields.”

NAVOS has no gigs currently planned for his hometown with current restrictions and the nightlife scene awaiting to re-open their doors in June, but he has his list at the ready:

“Places like Bramley Moore Dock, Invisible Wind Factory venues like that which are well known within the dance scene, even playing in the clubs like LEVEL, BAA BAR places like that, I’d just love to play anywhere in Liverpool.”

As NAVOS make waves throughout the industry, his explosive debut into the dance realm and punchy flare for feel-good production shows no sign of slowing down. 


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