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New Asian-themed food market heads to Renshaw Street

As Liverpool has such an all-embracing cultural heritage locally, and has an immediate population interested in new trends in food and drink, as well as being a national and international tourist centre, the team at Jidong decided it was time to make a move into expansion to include other, carefully selected, food and beverage specialists, where each menu, ethos, quality standard and creative level, sits well alongside their own unique brand. Shanghai-based Jidong Bubble Tea now boasts more than 3000 stores globally, having opened its first UK-based outlet in 2019.

Renshaw Street Food Market will be located close to Berry Street, Bold Street and Leece Street, making it the perfect spot in an already thriving area as a dining, leisure and entertainment zone. As well as Jidong Bubble Tea, the Market has already signed up leading international brands including Dagu Rice Noodle, Ndo Sushi , to name but a few. Already popular around the globe, including China and the US, each outlet prides itself on inventive dishes based around fresh produce.

The interior is inspired by the cyberpunk aesthetic, with a combination of futuristic technologies with traditional Chinese elements, such as dragons and tigers. This theme is highlighted via many oriental-inspired neon lights that are installed in the market, transporting people into the bustling and lively streets of Asia and giving them the authentic experiences of a dynamic Asian nightlife in a truly futuristic setting.

Renshaw Street Market proprietor, and Jidong Bubble Tea entrepreneur Xiaoyu Zhou, known affectionately as Joe to his beloved customers, explains: ‘We are so thrilled and excited to be launching Renshaw Street Food Market in November. All of the cuisines on offer we know will be hugely popular with local clients and visiting tourists alike, who love to experiment and try out every type of cuisine. Now they will get the chance to sample any dish they choose from our vendors, which is wonderful for casual diners.

The market itself is impressive at 450 sqm, and we still have a few spots available, after a very quick uptake from interested brands.

I have been so pleased at the success and growth of our Jidong Bubble Tea stores in the area, and after talking to our clients, who enjoy giving us feedback and telling us about what they want, it seemed the perfect opportunity in terms of location, timing and brand inclusion to launch a food market to match their exacting needs.

We will be open daily from 11 am until midnight, and our warm, welcoming, easy atmosphere will provide the perfect setting for everyone enjoying autumn days out, evenings in the city, and of course, Christmas shopping and occasions. 

Liverpool has already been so kind to the Jidong Bubble Tea outlets, and we look forward to sitting alongside other inventive brands at Renshaw Street Food Market, whose benchmark in standards matches ours, to ensure that all of our guests enjoy a brilliant experience in eating out with us all.’

In a city bracing itself for a busy time in terms of retail, entertainment dining, Renshaw Street Food Market is aiming at carving out its own niche, celebrating authentic Asian-based food for everyone to share.

Renshaw Street Market is launching in November at 85-97 Renshaw Street, L1 2SP.

The last few unit spaces are available, ranging from 9-12 sqm, and any business wishing to find out more can email Joe at kosame.shuu@gmail.com

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