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NOW IS THE TIME FOR ACTION – Make Thread re-release ‘Emotee’ to raise funds in support of Women’s Aid

Liverpool-based fashion business Make Thread and activist Grace Woodward with support from actor Nicolas Pinnock re-release ‘Emotee’ to raise funds for their continued support to Women’s Aid in light of the sentencing of Sarah Everard’s kidnapper and murderer.

The Emo Tee has now been re-released with activist @gracewoodward  – a decision made during a time when they feel that all of us, both men and women, need to take action on righting the wrongs done to women all around the world.

As a female-owned business, each team member has their own story that closely aligns to this issue – a sense of urgency and immensely proud feeling has come from this collaboration. Make Thread and Grace know that other women have their own stories too and that their stories are unfortunately not unique, and so in light of the media being filled with the terrifying thought that as Sarah Everard’s kidnapper and murderer is sentenced, if women can’t trust the police completely, then who can they trust?

The Emo Tee is @gracewoodward’s efforts to raise funds for Women’s Aid, whilst calling on the importance of male allyship – featured to support her campaign in the @britishgq spread is actor, @nicholaspinnock.

NOW IS THE TIME FOR ACTION - Make Thread re-release ‘Emotee’ to raise funds in support of Women’s Aid

Make Thread believe in the work of Women’s Aid and know that though the current fear there is hope and that’s what Emotee stands for, sometimes it takes the dark to move towards the light.

Grace posted on social media:

“Hey guys – it’s almost t-shirt weather and did I tell you that we can keep women out of danger when the people we pay to don’t? 

When I started in fashion I knew you could use clothes to make statements, that what you wore signified something about you. It’s taken me 20 years to start to unravel my unhealthy relationship with capitalism, and I’m starting to realise, it doesn’t have to be about signing up, following a trend, designer labels, ego symbols, sometimes it can be about standing out for something that matters, not buying something that doesn’t. 

I don’t feel great right now, a year in lockdown of getting separated from a 13 year relationship has taken its toll, I feel heavy in all the ways. I don’t want to be looked at, scrutinised, photographed BUT more than that I don’t want women living in fear of their lives, because they think they can’t leave. Sometimes some things are just bigger than us and so all of my cut (25%) of this unisex, organic, sustainable @makethread#emoteegoes to @womens_aid as sometimes you’ve got to face the fear and do it anyway…… and because nothing is ever perfect.” 

The Emo Tee is live now. Buy now, and take action.

To purchase the Emo Tee please visit www.makethread.com

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