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Pelorus Chauffeurs owner rises from controlling fleet of submarines to fleet of luxury cars

Michael Hughes, who previously served in the Royal Navy, is the proprietor of Pelorus Chauffeurs.

Operating a fleet of high-end, chauffeur-driven vehicles may seem relatively simple when compared to the responsibility of managing a multi-billion pound fleet of submarines for the Royal Navy. However, it still requires careful attention and oversight.

Pelorus Chauffeurs is owned by Michael Hughes

He operates his current business with the same level of exactness, excellence in service, honesty and meticulousness.

He decided to call his company ‘Pelorus Chauffeurs’, inspired by the marine navigation device used on submarines and ships.

Pelorus Chauffeurs operates in Southport and Liverpool and provides services throughout the UK on a daily basis, and occasionally beyond. Recently, the company was hired to offer transportation services for a corporate golf trip to Northern Ireland.

The organization has several full-time chauffeurs and manages high-end Mercedes automobiles, mainly the Mercedes S Class Luxury Saloons and Mercedes V Class Executive MPVs.

Last July, they were able to supply a large fleet of vehicles or a single car for various events. For instance, they provided transportation services for one of the main sponsors of ‘The Open’ at Royal Liverpool, which involved over 20 vehicles and more than 200 individual journeys.

Pelorus caters to a range of leading organizations in the North West, as well as international corporations and individuals who value dependable and high-quality service.

After serving for almost 25 years in the Royal Navy Submarine Service, Michael founded his own company.

He said:

“I grew up in Croxteth in Liverpool and left home at 18 to join the Royal Navy. During this time I travelled the world and worked my way up through the ranks. 

“A highlight of my career was being selected for Officer Training and passing out of Britannia Royal Naval College as a Commissioned Officer. 

“I served on seven submarines and two ships travelling all over the world. 

“The second decade of my career was primarily spent serving onboard the UK’s nuclear deterrent submarines, before spending my final three years as a Submarine Controller at the Headquarters in London.

“Responsibility has taken many different forms over the years, but when it is just you and a lookout standing on the conning tower of a Royal Navy submarine with the rest of the crew below, you learn the true meaning of responsibility… as my most memorable Captain once told me, it’s the most expensive company car you will ever be left in charge of! 

“Where possible, I have carried forward that military ethos, which enables Pelorus Chauffeur’s to provide a unique approach to every client with a positive ‘can do’ attitude.” 

Pelorus Chauffeurs’ expertise, proficiency and consistency has enabled them to undertake diverse assignments.

Michael said:

“Reliability and punctuality are the most fundamental attributes of a good chauffeur. We have gained a number of corporate and private clients for this reason, after they have become dismayed due to the lack of these most basic principles.

“We carry out a lot of contract work for businesses, which need a quality service they can rely on. 

“The range of work we carry out is vast. We take clients to and from sports events; business awards; airports; cruises; weddings and funerals. There are lots of ways for people to contact us to see what we can offer.”

Pelorus offers a range of services that cater to various needs, such as Corporate & Business Travel Chauffeur, Airport Transfer Chauffeur, Golf Chauffeur, Chauffeur for Tours, Cruise Transfer Chauffeur, Football Chauffeur, Rugby Match Chauffeurs, Chauffeurs for a day at the races, Theatres & Special Occasions, and Luxury chauffeurs for Weddings.

And the name behind the company? 

Michael said:

“A ‘Pelorus’ is a nautical navigational instrument used on ships and submarines to determine bearings of remote objects or vessels. “Similarly, a chauffeur guides you to your destination, providing secure and comfortable navigation services. Both the Pelorus and the chauffeur play crucial roles in accurate and safe navigation, ensuring a pleasant experience.”

Pelorus Chauffeurs is a company that combines a unique approach, exceptional service, experience, and an unwavering commitment to surpassing customer expectations. 

With its strong operations throughout the North West and across the UK, it continues to set the bar high in the luxury chauffeur service industry. 

For booking enquiries you can email bookings@peloruschauffeurs.com or call 0151 305 0369 or +447809156656; or book via their website here.


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