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The Sway at District

A review by Naithan Coughlan of The Sway’s performance at District in December.

“The Sway are not looking to slow down anytime soon”.

It has been the year of all years for up-and-coming band, The Sway. They started the year with their equipment stolen from the tour van but ended it supporting Mick Head in Sunderland and Jamie Webster at The M&S Bank Arena, in Liverpool. And they ended the year with a sell-out gig at District cementing the band on the list of ones to watch out for in the future. In between they have had enough on their plates to keep themselves exploding on the latest music scene.

Fans knew the second they walked into their sell-out gig at district, that this night was going to be one for the hall of fame. With support from class bands like Bright Town and The Lags, who set the stage for the stars of the night to come out and provide music that created a euphoric atmosphere.

The milestones these lads talk about from just this one year would make you think they have been playing for longer than they have been alive. From touring the country to playing sets at festivals like Glastonbury and the Isle of White and coming home to play iconic venues like TheCavern Club, they have shown their true capabilities as a band. I would never have pictured such young talent achieving what they have done in such a small space of time.

The Sway at District – Photo from the band library

And the night at District was phenomenal, a sold-out crowd erupted in the venue as the Sway played new and old music. Fans were singing along to the lyrics of songs they have been playing on repeat themselves. While the trio of vocalists proved how their unique layering of sound is one to pay attention to. New songs had heavy bass lines which made heads bop and hips twist in welcoming of great fresh music.

When not playing live for their fans the band have been extremely busy in the studio producing some amazing work. In May, this year they released their second Ep “Days Lost or Happily Wasted“ which included four of their biggest hits to date. They were also invited to the Abbey Road studios to record a new song and three live recordings. A milestone I am sure any scouser would be immensely proud of let alone these five young lads.

The future looks bright for these boys, but as they look back on what they have done this year it’s safe to say they all feel like dreamers at this point.

Aidan Mclean, (keyboard/vocal) said: “It is nice to be so close to heritage. Obviously so many renowned artists have come out of the city, and I think we have made our mark. Someone in 20 years will say they remember The Sway and that is an honour.”

Ryan McNee, (guitar/vocal) said, “It has been busy, surprisingly busy. Ticked a lot of boxes we did not expect to. But we have got a lot coming, like some new music currently being demoed and then hopefully a big gig coming in the middle of next year.”

The Sway – Photo from the band library

Exciting times are ahead for The Sway, but they have ended the year with some big bangs and are not looking to slow down anytime soon.

More music and more gigs are coming in 2023 and I am sure that I will not be the only one on the edge of my seat waiting for what is to come.

With thanks to The Sway.


Naithan Coughlan

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