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Wirral woman has become one of the UK pioneers of a ground breaking new beauty and aesthetics treatment

A Wirral woman has become one of the UK pioneers of a ground breaking new beauty and aesthetics treatment.

Jade Trapanotto, 34, is one of the leading UK aesthetics practitioners to offer PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) — a new, all-natural solution that treats common areas that show the first signs of ageing and hair loss.

PRF is a revolutionary treatment invented by Joseph Choukroun in 2001 that became popular in dentistry due to its powers of healing gums, but has recently transferred over to the beauty and aesthetics industry. PRF works by drawing blood from the patient and using their own blood plasma to regenerate cells — a purely organic treatment that has had profound effects on anti-ageing.

Wirral woman has become one of the UK pioneers of a ground breaking new beauty and aesthetics treatment

PRF is widely regarded as a superior method to PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) because it’s a more natural solution and there are more healing factors. It works by injecting blood plasma into the desired area, where platelets start accelerating healing and kick start the regeneration process — producing a gradual, cumulative and long lasting effect. The potent collagen and elastin stimulating properties, resulting in tightened, lifted and more youthful skin.

Aesthetics practitioner and owner of Beyond Skin UK, Jade Trapanotto, was quick to jump on the ground breaking new method and has since seen incredible results with countless clients. Jade, a Harley Street practitioner who is currently studying to become a doctor, trained in PRF in 2017 — becoming one of the only PRF practitioners in the UK. She is now also one of the only certified PRF Trainers.

Jade said: “I’ve had Beyond Skin for 10 years now. I’m trained in phlebotomy, PRP, micro-needling, micro-blading, chemical peels, fat dissolving and aesthetics. I’ve always loved what I do, making people look and feel fabulous, but I’m always keeping my eye out for new developments in the industry. When PRF crossed over from dentistry to aesthetics I was amazed at the results people were getting!”

She continued: “I offer dermal fillers, micro-needling and many other treatments but now PRF is 95% of my business. People love it not only because of the incredible results but because it’s 100% natural with no additives — using their own blood to regenerate cells and treat ageing skin. It gives people a more refreshed, youthful look and the body absorbs the plasma naturally for longer lasting effects. There are also no risks to it.”

Wirral woman has become one of the UK pioneers of a ground breaking new beauty and aesthetics treatment

PRF can be used under eyes, forehead lines, crow’s feet, lip lines, laugh lines, cheeks and in other areas — it can even be used to stimulate hair growth. The initial treatment requires a set of 3 visits every 4 weeks, taking a few months to show the effects that then last 6 to 12 months. Following this, people can maintain the effects by having a one off treatment every 6 to 9 months. Treatments are very affordable, from just £189.

Jade summarised: “PRF has taken off big time and it’s pretty much all I do now. I’m one of the only PRF trainers in the UK and I’m seeing a big demand in training other beauticians and aestheticians in it. I offer training courses for £969, where the trainee comes out with a full phlebotomy and PRF certificate. It’s growing at a rate of knots and I’d highly recommend beauticians and aestheticians to add it to what they offer.”

Jade Trapanotto is one of the leading UK pioneers of Platelet Rich Fibrin through her aesthetics company, Beyond Skin UK. She is qualified in phlebotomy, micro-needling, micro-blading, beauty therapy, PRP and PRF and is currently studying medicine. She has practised on Harley Street and has been featured by Marie Claire, BBC Radio Nottingham and others. She offers a free consultation to any prospective client and PRF training.

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