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A Chat with Frost Burgers

Frost Burgers is a brand new vegan junk food restaurant founded by the one and only Monami Frost, and the cheese burger might just be the best burger we’ve ever tried.

A chilled, relaxed atmosphere, vibrant décor and an open kitchen, the place gives off a pitstop like feel, where you’re not inclined to linger but to be in an out within an hour and onto your next port of call – it’s very much a ‘fast food’ vibe so you do have the option to take your food with you.

Whether you’re vegan or not the cheese burger, frost bites and shakes will definitely have you going back for more!

We sat down with Monami Frost to discuss her latest venture – vegan burgers!

So, where the idea to open up a vegan burger restaurant come from?

My husband and I have had the idea about opening a vegan place for a while.  At first we didn’t really know what kind of place we wanted to open.  By travelling so much and trying a lot of food we somehow ended up with the idea of a burger place after I made some super epic burgers at home and we thought to ourselves ‘why does nobody make them like that?’.  So we knew we had to do it!

Do you have any long term goals for the restaurant?

We have a million ideas but we would like to keep them a secret, for now we just need to focus on the everyday and making the best burgers we can and trying to feed more bellies with vegan food.

Do you think that opening a ‘vegan junk food’ restaurant will encourage more non-vegans to adopt this lifestyle? It’s a great way of showcasing how great the food can actually be.

I definitely think this can help people to transition into a plant based lifestyle.  By being able to get some of the familiar, favourite flavours and textures makes it really no excuse to continue eating animals.  And more people will open their eyes to the fact that vegan food is not just raw salad, it’s not gonna seem so scary!

I couldn’t agree more!  What’s your favourite thing on the menu you’d tell first timers to try?

I love everything of course.  My favourites of all have to be the Beef Free burger, the Frosty cone and shakes!

We’re totally in love with your branding and design – was this designed by yourself?  Love the fact you have a running theme book/clothing range too.

I worked together with a friend who is both the Graffiti artist and Graphic designer.  I had a bunch of clear ideas of how I wanted everything to look and he helped me make them all come true.  It turned out even better than I imagined it!  I really did want to have all of the branding tied together with Frost Streetwear and everything I am.

I understand that you and your husband are both vegan, how long have you been vegan for?  And do you remember what led to it or inspired you?

We have been vegan for almost 4 and a half years.  We started researching  lot about health and we wanted to be the best parents to our daughter so somehow we stumbled upon some documentaries about Veganism and in one day we went from eating meat and everything else to being fully vegan.  It was so easy and we had the right information and cause behind it.  6 months in we started learning more and more about animals suffering and from then on we have always been and always will be Vegan, mainly because of the animals.  We have to speak up for the voiceless and do everything we can.

One of the ways we spread our message is now Frost Burgers.  Showing people that you can eat amazing food and not contribute to the cruelty of animals.

I understand that you use paper straws but I’ve seen a few people concerned with the packaging of other items in the restaurant – are you able to clear this up for us?

All of our packaging is highly recyclable and compostable.  Our sauce pots are made from plants and are 100% compostable.  As we are a small business just starting up up we couldn’t afford to make the cups compostable too.  It’s the first thing on our list as soon as we can afford them.  We are looking to get them in the next few weeks.  We are doing everything we can! And hopefuly other business will do too, especially the bigger chain restaurants.

Thank You so much for taking the time to talk to us Monami!

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