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Absolute Body Solutions enjoy first weeks back as gyms reopen

Gyms finally reopened across England at the start of this month after three months of closure due to the national lockdown.

Gym goers flocked back to get their fitness back on track after many were forced to stop altogether or had to manage to keep going at home.

At Absolute Body Solutions, they were made up to see so many clients come back to their gyms
in Liverpool city centre, South Liverpool, and Manchester city centre, as well as welcome new ones who had joined throughout lockdown.

After so long away from the gym, it might be tempting to hit your training hard when you get back. It is best to resist this urge and to take the first few sessions and weeks easy to get back into your old routine.

Over your first few sessions in the gym, give these top tips a go to ensure that you are getting back into your fitness successfully. Also prioritise your recovery so you can ease yourself back into working out.

The first weeks back at the gym:

  • First, as mentioned, take it easier as you will thank yourself later! Start slow, by reminding yourself of the movements again and try to focus on your technique to make sure you are doing the right thing.
  • Before you even do any workouts, do not forget to warm up.
  • In terms of weight training, remember that you have had months away from the gym, so youmay not be able to lift as much as before. Start a little lighter than you would normally go foron your warmup sets and gradually increase the weights as you go.
  • After your warmup focus on weights before cardio. Focus on your weight training, beforeusing the cardio equipment as this is the best way to structure your workout.
  • Come up with a programme for yourself that suits you and try to stick to it. Track yourresults so you can see your progress.


After your workouts, focus on your recovery.

To help your recovery after a session in the gym, try the following:

  • Have a protein shake.
  • Sleep – to really recover from a workout you need to aim for 7 to 8 hours of sleep if possible.
  • Have a warm bath to relax

Give these a go and have a safe and fun return to the gym!

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