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Birkenhead Park to celebrate 175th anniversary

The famous Birkenhead Park is celebrating its 175th anniversary with a new, dedicated website and year-long programme of activities.

The park was the model upon which some other global pioneer public parks were based – including New York City’s Central Park (the oldest landscaped green space in America).

Since 1847, the extensive parkland has provided a much-needed sanctuary for local people to escape from busy urban environments. It was designed by Joseph Paxton with support of Edward Kemp and set out in order create place that replicated rural countryside but also included features such as lodges or bridges while providing access points across water using boathouse facility too.

The park underwent an extensive, five-year £11.5 million renovation programme that was completed in 2007; funded jointly by the Heritage Lottery Fund as well as Wirral Waterfront SRB and local councilors who were able to secure European Union Objective One funding for this project.

When the park’s famous Swiss Bridge, Boathouse and Grand Entrance were restored along with new bridges installed. Much of original planting was also returned to restore its status as a national treasure for all visitors once again.

Birkenhead Park to celebrate 175th anniversary

Visitors come from all over to enjoy Birkenhead Park, which has been restoration as an important part in its community. The venue offers many regular and one-off events organized by groups such as the Friends that contribute significantly toward making it vibrant place for both residents who live there or just want some peace & quiet time outdoors on their lunch break.

There will be a civic reception on April 5th to commemorate 175 years of Birkenhead Park and Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee; this event includes Wirral Mayor Cllr George Davies leading dignitaries in ceremony with cutting an anniversary cake for both occasions combined! The Visitor Centre has also been opened up so visitors can see photos taken throughout history at one place instead if being scattered across different websites or museums -called ‘Through The Ages’.

You can check out the full schedule on the new website here.

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