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Explore Liverpool Music Writer Matt Jacobson interviews singer-songwriter Louis Berry at the launch of his new Ep, XIV, Louis chats about the Ep, future releases and supporting Liam Gallagher

Congratulations on the new EP XIV, which is flying up the digital charts, could you tell us more about the Ep?

I had to pick some tracks, from a number of tracks that I have recorded as I wanted to release some tracks this side of Christmas, so we decided to pick five. And on the other side of Christmas, in January or February 2020, we will release more. Molly Malone was first, with the Irish / Liverpool connection and the reception was great, really, really good – but we have loads more tracks and more releases to come!

Going back to the young Louis Berry, I remember you saying, you almost had to hide your guitar when walking around, as it may have been seen as a sign of weakness, it wasn’t the ‘in’ thing in the area you grew up in. How do you see that time in your life now?

The younger me and the kind of people I was involved with, would not look at a guitar and think it was something to do. We were into completely different things and different lifestyles. I was involved in some serious stuff and….you know, it certainly wasn’t small time stuff. So, when I started playing guitar. I was a little bit conscious of it and I thought it would hinder my reputation and the lifestyle I was involved in. I didn’t have to, you know, keep a lid on it, or keep it a secret, but I tried to keep it out of sight as much as possible. But, then I met two people who wrote songs and that was it, it all moved forward.

Photo by Michelle Marshall

Do you feel an inspiration to those in similar situations?

No, not really – I feel, if I said I was, I would say, you know, that I think more of myself than I should…… I just do what I do really.  For me, I changed my lifestyle and just tried to better myself as a person, not commit wrongs against anyone – that kind of thing.

I remember watching you at LIMF many, many years ago, I was blown away. I heard for the first time, “Rebel” and “25 Reasons”, it was the catalyst for me and many others to come to your gigs, buy your Eps etc. And those songs are still a huge hit when playing live, are they still exciting to play?

I get the same buzz regardless of what the lyrics are about, when I see the crowd singing them back to me, it means so much, it’s an amazing feeling. They were written at a different part of my life, but life changes and I am writing about a new chapter in my life now.

I’ve watched you many times since, and then I bumped into you in Nashville !  

Yeah! When I heard your accent, I thought I owed you, or someone money! (Laughs) –   It was mad, that was really mad !

Matt Jacobson & Louis Berry, Nashville

You were out there recording your album, how is the album developing?

To be honest Matt, I have enough material for about seven or eight albums! I’ll release one soon. A few more singles, another EP maybe – Radio 1 are interested so interest is growing….., so it’s coming…..  !

What is it like on the Louis Berry tour bus, is it Rock and Roll, or should I move to the next question!?

(Laughs), it’s good! we have to keep people in check as people can go too mad, but we try to keep an eye on everyone !

Photo by Michelle Marshall

Which leads me to more rock and roll, supporting Liam Gallagher!

Liam Gallagher is sound, he’s good, he’s really good!!! The first time we met, we had a great conversation and after the support gigs in Dublin and Belfast, we got along really well. And there was nearly a support slot for America, but it didn’t end up happening due to management issues ……

I’m sure it will happen! On the road, you’ve played many gigs around Europe, do you see Merseyside bands out and about on tour, maybe Miles Kane, The Coral etc?

Yeah, Miles is a good friend of mine and The Coral are good lads …..I like them, I just do what I do though, in fact we all do our own thing.

And finally in my series “On the Streets I Ran”, I ask all artists / creatives, can you name three Liverpool streets that mean the most to you, and why ?

Well, I think I would have to say ….

Langton Road – it was part of my growing up, and means a lot to me ….

West Derby Road – As I use it every day!

County Road – especially the top of it, I have played a few gigs there and have a new song named after it! 

Well Louis, from myself and all at Explore Liverpool, thanks so much for your time and best wishes…

Thanks Matt …thank you!

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