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Faces behind the Business – Emma Purchase – Sweet Pea & Little Wolf


In the thirteenth edition in the Faces behind the Business series we caught up with Emma Isabel Kate Purchase, creator of Sweet Pea & Little Wolf; a Health & Wellness website.

When did you first get into the industry?

It was roughly about 4 years ago now…when I started up the business. Before that I was studying Psychology & Forensics. I left my studies behind once I needed to support my family & find a job that would work around my girls…at the time I was a single mum of 4, I wanted to be able to work and be at home for them too. Due to having no experience in starting up and running my own business or any capital I decided to throw myself into my new venture, and learn as I went along. 

How long have you worked at Sweetpea & Little Wolf and what is your job role?

I first started the business under the name of Sweet Pea Wirral, I had a range of freshly made juices, smoothies, and wellbeing trinkets. I put my name forward to every Pop Up, Farmers Market, Event possible. On some occasions I would have some leftovers from my fresh fruits to I decided to start making my own natural skin care range. I realised i needed more stock that wouldn’t perish so that’s when I had the idea to introduce herbal teas. 

That’s what lead my to amazing new avenues! At this time I was so blessed to have to help of The Women’s Org, they were so fantastic at advising me and offering so much support! I later went on to win Inspirational Women of the year from WO. With very little to live on at the begging and my family to support I pushed and pushed to get my name out there. I packed a little vintage suitcase full of my teas & trinkets and went around so many venues, shops etc across Liverpool, which lead me to having my own shop and weekly Pop Ups in The Baltic Triangle. 

At the time my youngest little girl Marnie was struggling with anxiety, we had just lost my dad after a long battle with an awful illness & then our home, we had gone through a lot of upset and change so my main drive was to show the girls you can do anything you put your mind to and to bring them security…she had always wanted to be an explorer and still does. Her nickname was Little Wolf, I started up the other side of the business…the one that’s truly me! The wanderlust side…explorer…adventurer. My first design was the enamel mug to go hand in hand with our travel packs of tea and that’s when Little Wolf was born named after Marnie! I changed the name to Sweet Pea & Little Wolf & made a deal with my lil’ Marnie that for every place we can get our Little Wolf Brand  to reach she would have to visit when she’s older because she will one day be an explorer and no longer feel anxious! Our brand reached so many beautiful places from Canada, Wales, Scotland, Portland USA, Norway, Germany, Australia, New Zealand…one of my favs was Yosemite Park. I’m hoping Marnie takes me & Osh with her once she takes off for her adventure because it’s going to be such a cool trip! 

What is Sweetpea & Little Wolf’s ethos?

Our Little business is definitely a family run business, we all get involved the kids , the wolves everyone! We live and breathe our business, our love for life shines through from our love for family & community, to wellbeing, music, nature, the great outdoors, our wolves & sustainability! It’s all wrapped up in one business! 

What’s the best bit of advice you could give to anyone looking at working in your line of work?

My advice for someone thinking of starting up their own venture is just jump right into it!  Make sure it’s something you’re truly passionate about as it’s so much easier!Also  that you don’t mind working your bum off! And learning as you go along! Definitely don’t be put off by change! Changing your path is the big one! Sometimes we meet people who think that their business isn’t working and that’s it! They should give up! NO! Just keep moving, learning, and don’t be afraid to add on something different to your business, grow with your business! Also network! Get out there! Meet people and make friends…we are so blessed to have such an amazing Little Wolf Community full of so many talented indie businesses! 

I think hard work is definitely the key sometimes you just need to find the time even if it means getting up at 4 every morning to work on admin or designs etc…that gives me more time in the day to spend with my family. 

If you get stuck  just reach out to someone, it’s always lovely to share with another local independent business owner, try not to be too hard on yourself, you’re doing amazing.  

What do you love most about Liverpool?

One of the best things about liverpool for me is that’s where I met my amazing partner Oisín Hassan who runs the business with me. It was at one of my first Little Wolf Events, he’s a musician and was playing at one of them for me. We have hosted our Little Wolf Events across liverpool for coming up to 3 years this month…we’ve missed them so much this year! Liverpool is the best place to host an event and we can’t wait to be back with our amazing Little Wolf Community again soon! I’m so ready to start some new exciting ventures with our business next year! 🤍 We’re hoping to find more places to stock and new businesses to collaborate with 🤍

If you could describe your business in 3 words what would they be?

Ohhh wow describe my business in 3 words that’s so tough haha! There’s so so many sides to the business which I think that’s down to me being a true Gemini I love so many things going on at once haha! Hmmm 3 words…

🤍 Family 

🍃 Nature &

🦋 Wellbeing 

Follow Sweetpea & Little Wolf @sweetpeaandlittlewolf or visit www.sweetpeaandlittlewolf.com

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