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Faces of Liverpool – Sophie Novelli


In the first edition in our Faces of Liverpool series we caught up with Sophie Novelli, aged 31 from Fazakerley.

Faces of Liverpool - Sophie Novelli

What do you love about Liverpool? 

I absolutely love the generosity and friendliness of everyone who lives here. You’ll hardly go a day without having some sort of banter or conversation with someone you don’t know, everyone is up for a gab ha! I also adore how beautiful our city is – so many gorgeous places like the docks, the cathedrals and the liver buildings. 

Name one main thing about living in Liverpool that makes you proud? 

We’re the home of the Beatles 😍 they initiated the original golden age of British rock and roll. 

If you could describe Liverpool in 3 words what would they be? 

Welcoming, Fun, Accepting. 

Name one place in Liverpool that holds a special place in your heart? 

Sefton Park – it’s got hidden gems like the fairy glen and I love spending evenings or Sunday afternoons walking round. It’s got a peaceful feeling about it. A lot of music events and festivals are also held here which are always a ball!! 

Is there anything on your ‘Bucket List’ to do in Liverpool that your still yet to achieve? 

Well tbh, as a Liverpool fan, I’m ashamed to say I’ve still not been to a match so that’s definately on my list! Oh and I still haven’t been to Bongos Bingo yet, WHO EVEN AM I? 

Do you have any tales of Liverpool or claim to fame while in the city?

So I once worked for a healthy snack and food bar in Clayton Square and we used to get a lot of celebs that were doing shows at some of the theatres coming in to get their dinner. It was a bit like Starbucks where we had to take their order and name, and then we would print it out on the receipt and stick it on their food. This one day, the actress who plays Janine Butcher in Eastenders came in, so I took her order and asked for her name, which she was disgusted by because, who am I to not know who she is?!! So she ignored me. I asked again, and again I got blanked but for the till to open we had to put something on the receipt. This was at the time when the little horror had pushed little Barry Evans off the cliff, so I went with ‘Barry Evans lives on ✊’. I gave her the food and as she walked away she read it, turned round bright red and gave me a middle finger. Serves her right IMO 😂 #RIPBAZZA

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