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Home School Safari from Knowsley Safari

Knowsley Safari are bringing a learning resource hub online, providing educational videos, resources and learning aids for parents and teachers to use in class or at home.

Home School Safari is free to access and is helping to keep children inspired to learn more about the natural world while currently closed.

Parents can download worksheets and fun animal facts and talks, making learning fun along the way. Home School Safari covers a range of different topics including veterinary animal care, exploring different species, classification and feeding.

Educational videos include interesting scenes including how the staff do a root canal surgery on a tiger and also how to x-ray a lion’s paw! Bat hunting at dusk and bird watching at Knowsley Safari.

Questions answered on the video series include – What is metamorphosis? Do all birds fly? How do reptiles get warm? Do you know what makes a mammal a mammal?

The page will be regularly updated during lockdown and is perfect for learning as well as a bit of fun along the way.

Even though Knowsley Safari is closed for the time being, staff are still there everyday caring for animals, so don’t forget to download their free app and listen to the team talk about the different species waiting for you to come and see them once back open.

Visit https://www.knowsleysafariexperience.co.uk/explore/home-school-safari/

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