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Humans of Liverpool

The saying “communication is key” is slowly fading in a society that is becoming rushed and no time to talk these days, making it harder for people to say how they feel or project their say.  It’s good to talk, not only to voice how people are feeling but also listening and offering an open ear to hear people’s stories, fears and loves.

So, we were excited to hear of a new concept created by local Liverpool lad Adam Thompson, a 22-year-old English degree graduate. Adam, who has a love for photography and social documentary has always had an eye for creativity and his latest project Humans of Liverpool has amazing potential to give the people of the city back their lost voice.

So, what is Humans of Liverpool all about? Adam tells us:

“The concept is to chronicle the experiences and opinions of the people of Liverpool and in doing so, give people a voice that do not have one, with a particular focus (at least at first) on the older generation. Like most people, I enjoy meeting different characters and hearing people’s stories. This is a way to share those characters and stories with the world through the power of social media.

Hopefully it will also bring together the already tight-knit community of Liverpool and give those going through struggles someone to relate to. It should also help to promote Liverpool’s culture and classic iconography, using the cities famous features and landmarks as a backdrop for my portraits.

I was inspired by the original Humans of New York page and its universal themes and ability to resonate with people all over the world. HONY showed that everyone has the same problems, needs and emotions; regardless of their race, religion, gender or sexuality. I’m hoping to achieve similar results with this page and spread a message of tolerance and understanding”.

The main aim for Adam’s project is to help people communicate and connect and with his love of meeting new people and talking about everyday life, Humans of Liverpool is set to shine through helping others as well as making new connections along the way.

Here at Explore we can see this amazing concept taking off and bringing something positive into a city that is thriving and awaiting with a listen ear, we would like to wish Adam the best of luck for the future.

For further information head to Instagram @humnsofliverpool

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