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Interview with up and coming band Keyside

On the release of their debut single, ‘Lights Out,’ music writer Matt Jacobson interviews an up and coming band and one to watch, Keyside.

Keyside are at the forefront of the emerging Liverpool scene with influences that stem from bands such as, The La’s, The Smiths and a nod towards The Police – all delivered with a unique   and a decidedly unapologetic scouse filter.

When sounds transport and you can escape the reality of life to a festival in the summer, then you know you are onto a winner. And Keyside are winning. They have supported huge artists across the city in the finest of venues, including the O2 Academy and The Arts Club. And that’s where I first spotted the band and immediately could see their potential. They had sound and swagger – a perfect combination. And now their potential is here for all to see as Keyside return with a debut single ‘Lights Out’ and are due to headline a sold out Kaz Stockroom on December 2nd, 2022. 

‘Lights Out’  is an indie bass driven drum filled funky stomper. With the combination of unique vocals, punchy drums, guitar riffs of grandeur and powerful lyrics delivered with class and confidence. It’s a debut single to be proud of. 

The song is a personal experience for singer Dan Parker when a visit to A&E provided a moment of consciousness and unconsciousness – and somewhat madness. It is thought provoking and real and Keyside are real and here they will stay –  and ill be following them for sure.

I wanted to know more, so interviewed band members, Oisín McAvoy, Dan Parker, Ben Cassidy and Max Gibson about the recording process, playing live and the future of Keyside.

Interview with up and coming band Keyside
Ben Cassidy, Oisin McAvoy, Dan Parker, and Max Gibson 

Congratulations on the single, ‘Lights Out’, where did you record the single and how did you find your time in the studio?

(OM) We recorded the single in the Motor Museum, with a producer called Ben Harper, who we’d become familiar with through seeing him at gigs. We had some previous experiences in other studios so we knew what was expected of us. We were well rehearsed and excited to work with Ben who really helped us shape our sound in the studio and allowed us to experiment to try perfect our sound.

Did you write the single as a band, or write separately and bring it to the table? 

(DP) . The single was written separately shortly after coming home from being in A&E one time. I remember being out and I started flaring up with a temperature and started to lose consciousness and ended up collapsing and passing out for what felt like a long time, at the time. I reference this in the second verse ‘I’m in a waiting room where the hour hands are second hands’ referring to the hands on a clock’. I remember writing it on the same night after returning home and the next practice we had we jammed it and it turned into what it is now.

The lyrics are dark and deep, “I’m a long way, from trying to talk myself into staying on my feet” – could you expand on the lyrics?​

(DP) Yeah, I’m sure most people who have experienced something like that know their inner monologue and consciousness slowly takes a backseat whilst everything folds into your peripheral awareness for a short while till eventually you hit the ground. 

There wasn’t any indication or time for a moment to apply some kind of willpower to prevent it, it just sort of happened. The whole song is a narrative of confusion and an element of madness from the detachment of consciousness.


The single, for me, is an Indie base driven, drum filled funky stomper, I can almost see and feel it played at a festival – what’s it like to play live?

(OM)Playing this live will be even more special at our headline as it’s our first single out and we really worked hard on it behind the scenes. For me personally being the drummer, it’s one of my favourites to play live as it allows me to groove with the bass player Max, who starts off the track with his riff. I remember when our singer Danny brought the song to practice and we all started to put the pieces together.

Is the single part of a collection of recordings and are there further singles in the pipeline?

(BC) We have been back into the studio, hopefully we will have more to reveal soon…

Where can you find and buy the single?

(BC) The song is available on all streaming platforms, Spotify, Apple Music etc and you can purchase the track if you wish on iTunes. 

What next for Keyside?

(MG). So far we’ve been focusing on getting the sound of “Lights out” right. We’ve been back to the Motor Museum to record our next single which is currently in the works, we’re looking forward to announcing that and of course working towards our sold out headline at The Kaz stockroom. We’re just looking forward to progressing as a band and putting some more music out there and excited to see what the future holds for us. 

New Single out 4th November!

With thanks to Keyside.

Best wishes


Matt Jacobson

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