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Laros to celebrate two huge events in the Greek calendar this February

The carnival and Tsiknopempti are two Calendar dates that occur in Apokries – a month-long event across Greece celebrating all things indulgent before Lent including lots of wine and grilling meat.

Following the Apokries celebrations, Greeks go into Lent abstaining from meat and embark on a cleansing period. This is very similar to how many people give certain things up for Lent.

Laros is renowned for its authenticity, sourcing the vast majority of its meat and products directly from Greece, with the exceptions from local farmers who pride themselves on quality.

Laros to celebrate two huge events in the Greek calendar this February

Chicken and pork gyros, and chicken, pork and lamb souvlaki are all menu favourites, as well as the vegan option of Revithokeftedes which are fluffy chickpea fritters.

The popular restaurant-takeaway also has its ‘better than halloumi’ Talagani cheese fries, fresh and delicious Greek salads including traditional Dakos – with rusk, olives and cherry tomatoes and the authentic Politiki cabbage Greek salad.

To celebrate both Carnival and Tsiknopempti – which translates to Smokey Meat – Laros is hosting a special party where they’ll be adding additional menu items including lamb chops and Greek sausage to the menu.

They’re also launching their delicious Greek wines including a white Chardonnay and red which are both from Peloponnese.

Greek beer including Mythos, Alfa and Fix are also available as well as Greek soft drinks Loux sour cherry, lemon and orange.

And shots of the Greek spirit Tsipouro will be given to all guests.

Owner Nikolaos Fylladitakis is originally from Crete and is keen to showcase authentic Greek cuisine that is of the highest quality.

He explained:

“As an authentic Greek eatery, we want to mark the big celebrations in Greece; Carnival and Tsiknopempti. This is the time where Greeks indulge in wine and feast on grilled meat ahead of Lent. We’re celebrating this special time with additional menu items including succulent lamb chops and flavourful Greek sausage, as well as adding our Greek wines which will be on the menu to enjoy at the venue and for delivery.

“We want our guests to come to Laros on 24th February and have a great time so we’ll have colourful Carnival decorations and entertainment and music to go alongside our delicious dishes. We can’t wait to dine, drink and dance with our guests and look forward to seeing everyone then!”

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