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Sensational sensory cocktail  monthly event ‘Drinking in the Dark’ heads to Abditory

Abditory launches Drinking in the Dark – a sensational sensory cocktail evening bringing blind tasting with a difference.

The Drinking in the Dark experience at Abditory on Queen Avenue in Liverpool city centre will force participants to reevaluate their perception of taste through specially conceived cocktails that, without the benefit of sight, will stimulate the other senses.

Throughout the evening, in pitch black guests will be served six cocktails to challenge their touch, taste, smell and hearing, all accompanied by music and stories that will tell the tale of the drink and release their secrets.

It promises to be a big gulp of super-stylish grown-up fun with delicious drinks and a really educational session.

The six drinks will imaginatively explore the words: Spring, Grass, Seaside, Bubbles, Bees and Flowers and use a range of ingredients and flavours alongside top notch spirits, liqueurs and mixers, some specifically made in-house for the event.

Steven Burgess of Lucky Penny Group, operators of Abditory, said:

“We’re big fans of blind tastings at Abditory and Drinking in the Dark takes it to a new place with a multi-sensory approach to simply having a drink. It’s guaranteed to awaken the other senses and allow everyone to discover tastes differently.

“For many people, vision is their most important sense and our sense of sight is responsible for most of the information we absorb. Our eyes see both drink and food and tell our brain what it will taste like – Drinking in the Dark will open the doors to new perceptions.

“So get ready to reconnect with yourself and be guided by your other senses at this sensory sensation – a cocktail night with a difference and when the lights go up the party will start.”

Drinking in the Dark takes places on Wednesday February 23rd from 7 – 10pm at Abditory, 22 Queen Avenue, Liverpool and costs £35 per person.

Tickets can be booked on Eventbrite: Drinking In The Dark Tickets, Wed 23 Feb 2022 at 19:00 | Eventbrite

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