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Liverpool Burger Joints

Liverpool has its never ending list of amazing restaurants and eateries to visit when searching for that perfect burger! Let us help you explore some of the great burger joints to visit to get your mouthwatering Pattie fix.

Five Guys

Queen Square & 14 Paradise Street, Liverpool, L1

American giant Five Guys is a must to visit on your search for a delicious burger. This fast casual place provides freshly ground beef burgers and Cajun style fries to devour! With a multitude of toppings to create your own customised burger, everything is cooked fresh from scratch.

Enjoy patties cooked to perfection, melted cheese and sumptuous toppings, this place is a burger paradise. The food maybe slightly more expensive than your normal fast food place, but it’s worth every penny!


43 Paradise Street, Liverpool ONE, Liverpool, L1 3EU

Head down to Bryon for a serving of posh hamburgers! This American inspired diner is one to visit when strolling around Liverpool ONE. This place serves juicy hamburgers using properly sourced British beef.

With burger options such as Classic, Double Bacon Cheese and Bourbon King, this delicious joint definitely hits the spot. All burgers are served on a squishy bun and a pickle on the side, Bryon adds that touch of class to the burger list.

Death Row Diner

32 Hope Street, Liverpool, L1 9BX

Spoke of by themselves as “were just a burger joint” Death Row Diner is the controversial death row themed diner that lets you eat inmates “Last meals”. The menu boasts burgers such as “Smoke me” “Eraser head” and “Rancheros Bastardos”.

These double cheeseburger patties, will be sending you to heaven not hell! Sides to add to your order such as coconut curry fries, pulled pork fries and chilli fries, this joint is certainly worth doing time for.

Almost Famous 

11-13 Parr Street, Liverpool, L1 4JN

Almost Famous located on Parr Street, is a edgy comfy American style burger place to visit. With burgers on offer such as the “River Phoenix” and “Guy Richie” your sure to feel like a movie star dining in this joint.

Double cheeseburgers with toppings such as shoestring onions, frazzles and red chillies, pull up a seat and enjoy. Team your burger with sides such as pig & waffle fries, boss chips or bacon bacon fries, your taste buds will be truly satisfied.

Free State Kitchen

1 Maryland Street, Liverpool, L1 9DE

Serving the best US-style wings, burgers and fries, this low-key diner joint is one sure to fill your burger obsession!

Free State Kitchen offers a great twist on your all favourite American classics and with Vegetarian, Vegan and gluten free options also available this cosy venue is the ideal location to chill while indulge in dam right dirty burgers to fuel you for the day.

From the Creamy mushroom and peppercorn burger with swish cheese to the NYC Deli Burger, pull up a pew at the contemporary benches and eat until your belly is full!

Red Dog Saloon

66 Bold Street, Liverpool, L1 4HR

Boasting to house award-winning smokers imported from the USA, if you haven’t yet tried Red Dog Saloon get yourself down there pronto!

Smoking up for up to 16 hours using traditional American woods of hickory and mesquite to give a full smoke flavour, you will be in burger heaven when trying one of their tasty dishes.

Offering amazing options such as the ‘Philly Cheeseburger’ consisting of wafer-thin shaved beef, sautéed onions and cheese sauce, classic ‘Gooey Louie’ and the ‘Red Dog Reuben, this real authentic American joint has you covered!

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