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Matt Jacobson Interviews multiple Grammy Award nominee FATOUMATA DIAWARA

Your music concentrates on respect, humility, love, migration, family and how to build a better world for our children . Is this a message you feel has grown stronger, as you have grown as a person and as an artist? 

I have always been concerned with trying to give the right message about those facts that I have always been most worried about – mainly about women and children, but also the fact that the world is getting more and more chaotic. So, migration is also an issue that makes me very sad (as well as the image that the world has about Africa).  I want to be the voice for those that are silent and yes, this feeling has grown even more now that I am also a mother.

You are extremely proud of her your heritage, and your vision looks confidently to the future with a universal message. Does playing live create a further passion, or excitement, to deliver that message face to face with the audience across the world?

Indeed it does – you are directly in connection with the audience, in the same place, not only sharing the music but also the energy. I cannot think of a better environment than a live concert to deliver my message.

Are you constantly thinking about writing, or is it more mechanical and you think “it’s now it’s time to write a song”?  

Music is inside me; it’s part of my living and is part of me. I can get inspiration from anywhere – listening to water drops or even on a plane… it just comes and I write.

Your latest album ‘Fenfo’ (which translates as “something to say”’) draws on rich experiences. Is that drawing on new influences from travelling the world, or experience performing with other artists and their cultures, and is it exciting to bring those influences into the studio?

There was a gap of around five years from my first record (‘Fatou’) to Fenfo,’ so this gave me the space to grow not only as a person but also as a musician.  So, yes, I can definitely say that ‘Fenfo’ draws on rich experiences, but that playing with other artists has indeed given me a great opportunity to keep learning, I have been very blessed to work with some really great musicians that I admired.  Getting into the studio is always a great experience – it’s the place where the music materializes and where you can exchange ideas with the rest of the team. It´s definitely very exciting.

Welcome to Liverpool – it has a rich rock and roll history and a vast history of celebrating music from all cultures.  Are you looking forward to playing here and what was it like to share the stage with Liverpool’s music royalty – Paul McCartney?

Thank you!! . I am really looking forward to playing in this amazing and music supportive city!  I’m very proud indeed to have shared the stage with both Sir Paul McCartney and (Damon Albarn’s) African Express. It is like a dream come true!

The Malian multiple Grammy Award nominee will plays Leaf on 6th February 2020.

30 January – London Roundhouse                                               BUY TICKETS

31 January – Glasgow Celtic Connections       0141 353 8000     BUY TICKETS

1 February – Kendal Brewery Arts Centre       01539 725 133      BUY TICKETS

2 February – Nottingham Rescue Rooms        01158 964 456      BUY TICKETS

4 February – Bristol Trinity Centre                   01179 351 200      BUY TICKETS

5 February – Brighton Chalk                                                           BUY TICKETS

6 February – Liverpool Leaf                               0151 707 7747                  

7 February – Manchester Band On The Wall  0161 832 1111                  

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