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Milap celebrate International Dance Day online

Milap, the UK’s leading Indian Arts & Culture company, is curating two days of inspiring and uplifting activities to mark International Dance Day on Tuesday 28th April and Wednesday 29th April, in collaboration with leading Indian Cultural resource, Sahapedia.

Suitable for beginners and experts, audiences and academics alike, and both followers of Indian dance or just those who’re itching to get moving and explore the vibrancy of Indian culture. The jam-packed programme will offer something for everyone to enjoy!

Hosted across both Sahapedia and Milap’s Facebook pages over the two days, these events will feature a wide range of talks, mini-presentations and participatory sessions; they’ll explore costumes and make up, discover the influence of martial arts on dance, and explore traditional Indian folk dance,in addition to journeying through the much loved classical dance forms of India.

This 2 day celebration kicks off live on Facebook on Tuesday 28th April 2020 at 11am, featuring leading artists from India, Singapore, Australia and the UK presenting short performances & talks, and offering audiences the chance to get up a try some moves!

The 29th – International Dance Day itself – will be a truly international affair, with an entire day of live events with artists participating from all over the world!

Visit milapfest.com for more detailed information on the programme:

April 28th 2020

11am: An intro to Rasa theory: a practical guide
 For Bharatnatyam artists, the aesthetics and theory behind rasa helps you to understand, appreciate and portray the essense of emotions in your storytelling. This is a great opportunity to help advance your thinking!

11:30am: Arts for Social Change
Sarvam Foundation’s Shakti project skills the slum child through the medium of intensive Classical arts and yoga sciences. Nehha discusses how she has used dance to help bring a holistic education to urban slums in Delhi and Gurgaon, and how arts might be used to help change society.

12pm: The Gita Govinda and its significance to Indian Dance
Lectures and demonstrations by Bragha Bessell are popular and loved by students around the world. She will help you to appreciate one of the most influential works of Indian literature and the dance pieces it has inspired.

12:30pm: Introduction to Bharatnatyam for all
Here’s your chance to have an engaging, accessible introduction to Bharatnatyam and to try out the moves, understand the practice and the learning that goes into this popular classical dance form.

3:30pm: Step into Indian Folk Dance!
Isolation Dandiya Raas! Grab your chopsticks, sticks and real or improvisedandiya and enjoy  folk dance steps with Movema.  Sheetal is an Associate Artist at Movema and Milapfest using her expertise in Indian dance to get everyone moving and learning about Indian culture.

4:15pm: Step into Bhangra!
Get your shoulders popping and your body swaying to the infectious rhythms of one of India’s most popular folk arts. Vijay Mehay (Nachda Saansar) is a popular performer and teacher and will get you off your seats and jumping around the house.

5pm: Introduction to Odissi for all
Learn about the movements, poetry and artistry of Odissi from artist and academic Elena Catalano. Her accessible style and demonstrations will give you insight into understanding this beautiful classical form.

Facebook Premiere:
11am – 1pm(GMT)
hosted on www.facebook.com/Sahapedia

Facebook Live:
3:30pm – 5:30pm (GMT)
hosted on www.facebook.com/milapfest

April 29th 2020

9:30am: Costumes & Sets in Performances
Apsaras Arts in Singapore has innovated with a varied repertoire of ensemble productions, which are grounded in epic stories, occurences or places. Their fascinating work is explored by the company’s Creative Director, Aravinth Kumarasamy, who discusses their approach to production.

10:15am: Mayurbhanj Chhau
A performance and demonstration in this martial art dance form from Eastern India. Here’s yoru chance to enjoy a highly developed art form which is rarely seen around the world today!

11am: Movement to Choreography
With Aditi Mangaldas.

11:45am: Uniting Hearts through Kuchipudi
Enjoy a presentation by Prateeksha Kashi, a mini performance to share repertoire and ideas to help bring us together.

12:30pm: How can we know the dancer from the dance?
A talk on Kutiyattam and Cinema with Dr Swarnmalaya Ganesh.

1:15pm: Times before Bharatanatyam
Sadir during the Maratta rule, relevance and practise today, with Sanju Surendran / Kapila.

2pm: Pedagogy for Indian dance and going digital before COVID – case of Raadha Kalpa
With Rukmini Vijayakumar.

2:45pm: Pranayama – Breathing techniques for dancers
For dancers of all levels, preparing your body and your focus are crucial to your performance and art. Learn about and try breathing techniques, stretches and movements to give you the best chance to improve yourselves!

3:30pm: Storytelling in Indian Dance
Producers of a range of epic performances over a number of years Nirupama- Rajendra discuss the ways in which they interpret, produce and present stories on stage, from their most intimate presentations to the large-scale theatrical shows.

5pm: Sarpatatwam: The Serpent’s Wisdom – Mohiniattam with Dr Methil Devika
Hear about the story behind a highly acclaimed documentary film on Mohiniattam.

5:45pm: Vesham: Kathakali make-up and character potrayal
A rare insight into the intricate preparation and artistry of Kathakali, in which make up and character are integral. You will learn about theway in which artists prepare to communicate to their audiences.

6:30pm: Raga and Bhava
With demonstration, discussion and performance, Akhil will share his ideas on how musicians interact with dance performances, and connect with the meaning and feeling of the dancers’ work.

Facebook Live:
9:30am – 2:30pm (GMT)
hosted on www.facebook.com/Sahapedia

2:45pm – 7:00pm (GMT)
hosted on www.facebook.com/milapfest

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