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North West’s first football skills arena Fun1stFootball set to open their doors

The first indoor and outdoor arena to provide Hitech football training equipment and analysis is heading to Liverpool.

Located in Anfield, The brand new Fun1stFootball centre is one of only a handful of centres in the UK to have state of the art training equipment – all designed to enhance a player’s passing, receiving, accuracy, spatial awareness and vision.

Footballers from the age of 6 can have access to ten training stations, carefully designed by professional coaches to help with their overall game.

The skills arena is aimed at all ages and skill levels, from kids who would like to have a bit fun testing themselves against the scoreboard, but also for amateur and professional teams who want to work on specific movements and their overall game.

Fun1stFootball is the first place in the North West to provide access to this type of training facility and has been recommended by top players such as Ronaldo and Messi.

The arena will provide services and equipment to both kids and adults:

  • Individual kids and teens who want to improve their game or simply have a bit of fun
  • Football teams of all ages who want to use the facilities to enhance their coaching sessions.
  • Professional and amateur teams who want to test themselves on the Rezzil index against the top players such as Ronaldo & Messi.
  • Kids parties and team parties for end-of-season honours.
  • Rehabilitation and professional development.

Steven Jennings, former Tranmere & Motherwell player explained:

“If there was this type of training equipment available to my generation, we would be different players. The technique that this technology provides is difficult to coach and all young players should have access to it”

What’s the equipment?

The arena has 10 skill stations, each with a piece of equipment that is only available at Fun1stFootball. All data and information is recorded so the next time the player arrives, they can measure their improvement & progress.

The Precision Wall.

The Precision Wall is a revolutionary design, bringing traditional football training methods into the future. The Precision Wall is built around the ESA mantra of repetition and is the first of its kind in the world of football. Utilising a state-of-the-art vibration technology, the precision wall provides advanced performance training in both individual and team settings.

ESA 8M Icon

This is used by elite professionals across the globe and statistically proven to dramatically improve player performance. The ICON put simply is the world’s most advanced football training aid and has been developed with some of the world’s top coaches and tried and tested at Southampton FC. The ICON creates match specific training for both individuals and small group; rapidly accelerating development.

The Sandpit

Training on sand is an effective method for improving strength, speed, agility and balance. The added challenge of running with ground contact resistance strengthens the lower body, helping to improve speed and explosiveness whilst reducing the risk of injury. We have created a series of innovative and modern training drills that incorporate the footballing technique and makes for truly unique coaching sessions.

Smart Goals 1&2

SmartGoals is an interactive training method that works with light signals. The lit-up SmartGoals are the targets. Run, dribble, or shoot a ball through a lit-up SmartGoal and the light will jump to another SmartGoal. Train awareness, reaction, agility and team play in dynamically changing game situations. Challenging and fun for all levels.

V2 Icon

The V2 is undoubtedly the most advanced and game realistic arena ESA has developed. Additional technological features, such as beam breakers, press panels and extension panels, have created a machine to test your ability on every attribute needed to play football. The V2 has the power to navigate the user away from the centre of the arena with help from the beam breaker. Acceleration while dribbling is a skill you must master, while deceleration is also a necessity.

The Circuit

The Circuit is our latest innovative product which is designed around using wireless panels. Our wireless panels are perfect to include during team sessions, small group sessions or one-on-one sessions. This fantastic new invention allows you to work on specific attributes or player position specifics. We have two main types of wireless panel, the response panel and the pass-through panel. The response panel works around rebounds, which recreates working a one-two, while the pass-through panel acts as a key and accurate pass through to a team member.


The TOCA machine is one of the leading football training tools used to improve technique. Our sessions create match-like situations using the mantra of repetition and using a specially designed lighter & smaller ball, you will learn to perfect key footballing attributes, especially most of all, FIRST TOUCH! Repetition Accelerates Performance!


Rezzil is used across the world, in 9 countries at every level of the game – from academy to European League and World Cup winners. Designed to adapt to all levels of the game from grassroots to elite, Rezzil is the only way to rapidly compare players and analyse game events. Rezzil builds resilience in the athlete when it is needed most: during the last minutes of a high-pressure game.

1 Hour sessions can be booked from the 10th of September.

For further information visit www.fun1stfootball.co.uk/book-now/

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