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Save The Brink!

Known for being a revolutionary hangout, The Brink is much more than your average Joe type café bar.

Taking alcohol out of the mix of things, the venue is a welcome haven for people of all walks of life and backgrounds to chill, socialise, relax and of course dine.

Helping people in addiction to support getting their lives back on track as well as their family’s back, the venue is losing their safe place due to the effects of the coronavirus outbreak.

Located on Parr Street, it is a safe place to go when people are lonely and need somebody to talk to. Groups are held to help alcoholics or addicts, get sober and live a better life, not only for themselves but their families.

The Brink holds mind and meditation groups, family get togethers, support in gaining qualifications as well as help people stay abstinent free from drink and drugs.

Now The Brink needs the tables turning and are pleading for people to help sign their petition to save the venue. The lose of the venue will not only see loss of jobs but could also result in the loss of people to addiction if there is no support available.

Family member of Founder, PJ said:

“Heartbreaking for me, this. @BrinkLiverpool came about directly as a result of the death of my uncle to a drink/drug driver. My Mum worked so hard to open this place. We ran recovery groups, football teams, film clubs, employed people in recovery etc.

I started a service in there, in 2012, to help people into abstinence-based recovery, then into treatment. The room was full, daily. Countless people, some who have become good friends of mine, cite The Brink as being the starting point to theirs and their family’s lives changing.”

PJ named The Brink after the song ‘I am Kloot – To the Brink.

You can show you support by donating to help raise £100,000 to help fund the Brink cafe and to help keep a safe space for people in recovery with in Liverpool. You go support them on their JustGiving page www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/Thebrink

Help The Brink save their venue follow on @BrinkLiverpool

Visit website www.thebrinkliverpool.com

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