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The Baby Brunch Club Liverpool

Becoming a parent is a job none of us can fully prepare for, as the saying goes kids don’t come with a manual… isn’t that the truth!

It can almost at times feel like you’re the only one going through the hardship and everything isn’t always rainbow and butterflies.

Joining parent groups, baby/toddler, baby yoga, antenatal classes isn’t for everyone, so when a new concept arrived in the city that is all about being kind to yourself as a parent and creating a non-judgmental environment, of course we wanted to know more!

The Baby Brunch Club, created by Laura Worthington (best known as Laura’s Little Bakery) Spoke about where the idea began, Laura said:

“I work full time running my own business, I also have a 7 month old little gorgeous girl called Blake and to cut a long story short I’ve basically started all over again at the age of 41…I have three other girls who are 18, 15 & 11! (Yes..I am truly insane)

I hadn’t truly appreciated just how hard it would be running a business with a little one, to the point I’ve had to take a month off pretty much before I crack up!

To be honest, I had forgotten just how hard it can be full stop! So, in typical me fashion, instead of chilling I’ve created this, an alternative Baby Brunch Club.

Why?  Well, I’ve just never been the type of person to join parent groups, baby/toddler, baby yoga, antenatal classes … and I know loads of people enjoy these groups and I’m sure the babies love it too but it’s just not for me!

I want to join a group of people who are like minded, who want honest conversation about how they’re losing their sh*t most days because being with a baby 24/7 is tough, I want to drink an Aperol Spritz if we’re meeting at lunch time and no one judge me, I want to talk about the new series everyone’s watching on Netflix, I want to ask other parents advice on baby led weaning because I’m too scared to do it just in case Blake chokes, I want men to join our groups and to feel part of the conversations, I want to talk about how I look at Blake and I could cry half the time I love her that much…everything warts and all as they say!”

Laura’s aim is to build a community of parents so there’s always someone to talk to if you’re feeling a bit helpless or frustrated or if you just want a bit of advice.

The Baby Brunch Club has had an amazing response so far, seeing the event held at venues such as LWL Allerton Road, Claremont Farm Wirral and Revolucion De Cuba at the Royal Albert Dock.

The sessions are priced at £5.00 and run for 3 hours, with each session creating a warm relaxed atmosphere where parents can be themselves without feeling guilty.

For further information follow social media:

Instagram @babybrunchclubliverpool

Twitter @babybrunchliv

Facebook @thebabybrunchclubliverpool

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