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The Nakery

Healthy treats are set to be massive in 2018, we can all agree the thought of giving up your sweet tooth to look great for the summer can be daunting! We are here to let you into an amazing secret. The Nakery (previously Nat’s Natural Nutrition) is a saviour in anyone’s never ending diet regime, offering delicious clean treats.

Owner of The Nakery, 22 year old Natalie Shilton has became a successful business woman, and who could of believed this fantastic company started out as a hobby in her home kitchen under three years ago!

With no previous baking background, Natalie taught herself the trade. With inspiration from online healthy treat expert’s all over the world, she began to create her own recipes based on the new knowledge she had learnt. The hobby turned business began to take off when Natalie decided to create an Instagram page under the company’s former name “Nat’s Natural Nutrition”. The page became very popular in the world of social media and generated numerous interest from food lovers. Receiving more and more interest and a lot of positive feedback, the demand for more healthy treats was becoming massive.

Juggling a growing popular business and continuing her studies for her Psychology degree at Liverpool John Moores, a massive decision and risk had to be made. Taking a couple of years out from her studies, the risk has most definitely paid off.

Endless orders and demands for her delicious treats meant a bigger place to bake was needed. Converting a unit into a commercial kitchen, a shop was also needed to showcase and provide for the high demand. The shop located at Petticoat Lane Shopping Arcade on Bold Street, is the perfect location for customers to find and pay a visit.

With being a Vegan becoming more and more people choice of eatery, a large quantity of customers were wanting to try the treats suitable for their needs. Natalie decided to convert all of her treats and cakes to vegan based, with no artificial ingredients all the products are completely raw, Vegan, Gluten and refined sugar free.

Taking this on board is where the inspiration for the new brand and naming come from. The Nakery is a suitable and fitting name for what the business has to offer. The cakes and treats are completely “naked” full of goodness and no artificial ingredients whatsoever.

Popular products at The Nakery are the unique cake jars and the luxury slices. A massive hit currently with customers are the bars, bites and slabs which are currently part of a “4 for £12.00” deal. The shop is constantly busy, due to the high demand with most days queues out the door and days products selling out within 30 minutes!

So what can we expect in the future from The Nakery? Looking at expanding to more cities and a nationwide delivery service, we can agree the future looks bright and successful for the very talented Natalie Shilton.

For more information on The Nakery visit Instagram @thenakery

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