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Matthew Jacobson Interviews Nine X Nine Records

When did the idea for the label first materialise?

It had been an idea for some time. but I did not see the point in publicising the fact till the first release was ready to go.

When did it go from an idea to planning stage?

Probably the summer, once discussions with Thom Morecroft had been finalised and we knew we could get his album out before the end of the year.

In the planning stages, did you find any inspiration from other labels, any in particular and why?

Not really. There are some great labels out there but I can’t say we have modelled ourselves on one. We want to make each release on Nine X Nine special.

What artists do you have on the label, and why those in particular?

Like with our first release, Thom Morecroft – The Feng Shui & the Sushi. It is available as a limited (100) run on White vinyl, signed, numbered with an art insert plus CD. As well as standard vinyl & Jewel case CD formats.

Has there been times you felt it wouldn’t take off as such?

No, not really. Getting product out is the easy bit. It’s getting your releases played & bought which is the hard part. Fortunately, with having a record store we know the physical distribution system so that helps.

What artists do you have on the label, and why those in particular?

We will have plenty of releases next year and we are really excited to be working with exceptional artist, not just from the UK. Thom Morecroft is our first release. Thom is such a good songwritter and his vision for the album has really worked well with ourselves.

Could you tell us more about your label launch night?

It’s Thursday 6th December at Studio 2 Parr St. Doors at 7.30pm.  It’s going to be a great night with Thom playing with the full band.  Support is from the fabulous Me & Deboe.

And what next for the label?

I’m afraid I’m going to have to say watch this space……Don’t worry you will be the first to know.!

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