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New Liverpool wellbeing centre and CIC set up to promote phyiscal, mental & spiritual growth

A new wellbeing centre and Community Interest Company has been set up to promote physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing in the Liverpool region.

Inner Guru is a community hub based in Walton that offers a range of activities, events and workshops to help people heal, learn and grow. It also offers free support to people with mental health issues and addictions.

New Liverpool wellbeing centre and CIC set up to promote phyiscal, mental & spiritual growth

The new centre and non for profit organisation, based at Efik House, 81 Walton Road, is the brainchild of Lewis Powell – a Master Kambo Practitioner, shamanic healer and teacher, who trained in South America. Lewis has treated thousands of clients suffering with physical and mental health conditions and has taught students all over the world in countries as far reaching as Sri Lanka and Australia.

Inner Guru offers a number of wellbeing services including yoga, meditation, reiki, massage therapy, reflexology, shamanic healing, workshops, music events, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, training courses and much more — including activities for children. The centre is available for hire and open for local holistic practitioners to join the Inner Guru team.

The new Community Interest Company has teamed up with global charity, TUFF.EARTH, to look at additional funding options in order to work in collaboration to offer more free wellbeing services to those in need, such as those suffering from mental health issues, addictions, disabilities and those on low incomes.

Inner Guru Founder, Lewis Powell, said: “This year and the sequence of events during the last nine months has had a tragic effect on the mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing of people in our community and our centre aims to combat that by helping people heal, grown and learn. We have some exciting plans as a CIC so we’re looking to offer more outreach services and projects to those who need help the most.”

He continued: “The old paradigm of idolisation towards gurus, politicians and celebrity icons is crumbling beneath our feet. There is no time like the present to trust in the guidance that comes from within. The aim of Inner Guru is to help people develop themselves from within and to create a sacred hub in which people can do so in a number of ways. Through our centre we aim to help people to help and heal themselves.”

Dr. Shamender Talwar, a leading social psychologist and Co-Founder of global charity TUFF. EARTH, said: “This past year has had a huge impact on mental health and suicide rates have increased dramatically – in particular, male suicide is at its highest for 20 years here in the UK. That said, what we are seeing is more and more people stand up to combat the issues and help those who are suffering.”

He continued: “Our global charity has a campaign called KIND20 that has set out to turn 2020 into a year of kindness and we are partnering with local organisations here in Liverpool who are doing great things to make the world a better, kinder place. What Lewis has created with Inner Guru is very special and something the world needs. We’re looking to work with him to deliver projects that will provide free help to those who need it the most.”

Inner Guru is based at Efik House, 81 Walton Road, L4 4AF, and is open 7 days a week. The centre and CIC offers a range of services in order to promote mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing and to encourage learning, growth and development.

Check out the website at www.inner-guru.co.uk

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